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ACE Lenkrad magazine compares 11 summer tyres for 18 inch wheels

ACE Lenkrad, the magazine of Auto Club Europa, has compared 11 summer tyres in size 235/45 ZR18 through various tests. And, the most expensive tyres are not necessarily the best.

AutoBild magazine tests 8 sports tyres for 20 inch wheels

Autobild: sports tyre test
German magazine AutoBild compared 8 sports tyres for 20-inch wheels in its latest tyre test. Five of them were rated “exemplary”, only one was not recommended.

51 tyres tested: AutoBild summer tyre test

AutoBild summer tyre test
The German magazine AutoBild has tested more than 50 summer tyres for 15-inch rims. After a pre-selection braking test, the 20 best tyres were compared.

AutoZeitung magazine tests 9 summer and all-season tyres

AutoZeitung magazine tests summer and all-season tyres
German magazine AutoZeitung has compared 9 tyres in summer conditions. Three all-season tyres were slipped into the tests to see how they held up.

ADAC compares 30 summer tyres for 14 and 16 inch rims

ADAC compared 30 summer tyres in two sizes for its summer tyre test
The General German Automobile Club (ADAC) has tested 30 summer tyres in two different sizes. The best known tyres are not necessarily the most highly recommended.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 named best Ultra High Performance tyre by evo magazine

evo tyre performance
Motor magazine evo has compared nine UHP tyres in its performance tyre test. While none of the tyres had any difficulty completing the tests, some performed better than others.

Autobild demonstrates importance of longevity on all season tyres with different wear

For its latest all season tyre test, the German magazine has taken things a step further by comparing the performance of new tyres and worn tyres.

Michelin CrossClimate + tops Auto Express all season tyre test

Auto Express has published a new tyre comparison test. This time the magazine has chosen to put all season tyres through their paces in winter conditions.

AutoBild 2017 winter tyre test: Continental, Michelin and Dunlop on top

AutoBild tyre test in "real conditions"
AutoBild put 50 brands through multiple tests to establish a ranking of the best winter tyres. Living up to expectations, the Continental, Michelin and Dunlop tyres were rated “exemplary”.

AutoBild All season tyre test: Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 finishes first

AutoBild has compared 10 all season tyres in different weather conditions
In its comparison of 10 all season tyres, AutoBild awarded the top spot to the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2. This year also saw the Continental AllSeasonContact take part for the first time.