The Sailun brand is actively seeking respectability. To demonstrate the performance of the Atrezzo ZSR, the Chinese tyre manufacturer invited us to test its latest addition behind the wheels of powerful sports cars.

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Sailun Atrezzo ZSR on the track
With Rezulteo, relive the new Sailun Atrezzo ZSR tyre test on the Loheac track – Copyright © : rezulteo

This is not the first time the Sailun brand appears in our columns. We have already had the opportunity to test its winter range.

This time, the Loheac track was chosen to test the Atrezzo ZSR. The Chinese tyre manufacturer’s latest model is designed to be a UHP tyre (Ultra Haute Performance). 
If the ZSR does not pretend to compete with flagship products in this category, it does however claim to deliver uncompromising performance thanks to an optimised tread block design for high speed prowess (1), a solid centre rib for superior stability and road contact (2) and wide grooves for improved water drainage (3).

Sailun Atrezzo ZSR UHP tyre
Copyright © : rezulteo

Front, rear and 4 wheel drive vehicles for the test 

The Sailun teams love a challenge. The Loheac track was reserved to provide the right conditions to test the ZSR. On the agenda, the possibility to push the tyre to its limits behind the wheel of differently designed high performance cars.

Copyright © : rezulteo

Drift and company 

The first test was behind the wheel of the Nissan 350Z. The aim was to test the limit of the tyre’s grip and the progressive nature with which the tyre begins to slide. In this register it must be said that the tyre performs well and leaves a positive impression, while appearing to be satisfactory in terms of comfort. Vehicle drift is gradual with no traps.
Even if this exercise was more recreational than instructive, it did allow us to evaluate the resistance of the tread which, under the forces generated by the 280 hp engine, suffered clean even wear. 

Attacking the track

The best way to evaluate a sports tyre is probably to drive around the track.

As cars, the Clio IV RS (200 hp) and the Megane III RS Trophy (275 hp) were lined up. Left free to test, we were able to drive with no permissive constraints and test the tyre with no electronic safeguards.  

The first laps brought the tyres up to temperature and their precision was immediately appreciated.
The Loheac track combines slightly bumpy fast corners with twisty sections. The tyre quickly inspired confidence and seemed able to handle the situation.

The most eagerly awaited criteria for the Sailun tyre was traction. On powerful front wheel drive cars, the front tyres are subjected to forces particularly when exiting corners and when pulling away again. This tyre passes the test with flying colours and resists understeering (the front slides out).

Logically, the tyre becomes less durable over the laps, as would be the case with any road tyre on the track. But the Megane maintains its legendary precision and remains sharp when entering and exiting corners. In another register, the Clio is more mobile offering a good balance between the axles and good mobility at the rear when negotiating corners.

For sure, even if the Atrezzo ZSR cannot compete with top of the range sports tyres (does it really claim to?), it must be said that it is not out of its depth in this exercise and that it fulfils its recreational function at a very attractive price. Performances are uniform and during our test phases, its resistance proved to be satisfactory despite the abrasive track surface. In these conditions (dry surface), its level of performance is perfectly satisfactory for its category. However, we were unable to test it on a wet surface.  As a result, we cannot evaluate its overall performance.

As a bonus, the Atrezzo ZSR knows how to measure up to high powered vehicles. The proof in pictures:

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