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FAQ: rezulteo frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about our rezulteo site. Our FAQ answers questions such as: How do I use the price comparison tool? Where do I find my tyre sizes? How do I choose the right tyres? How do the tyre and vehicle catalogues work? Click on the question you want to ask to see the answer.

FAQ: how do I use rezulteo?

Does rezulteo sell tyres?

No, rezulteo is a price comparison tool and buying guide for car tyres.

How often are prices updated?

The prices of more than 50 tyre brands at hundreds of sales outlets are updated every day.

What can I search for on rezulteo?

At rezulteo you can search for car tyres in various ways, each satisfying a particular user need:

  1. The homepage: find your tyre easily with our search tool.
  2. The tyre advice section: information and advice on tyre maintenance, purchase and replacement. You can also consult numerous tyre tests and comparisons here, as well as other car tyre-related topics in Q&A format.
  3. The special offers section: take advantage of current promotions and offers to buy your tyres at the lowest price.
How does the tyre search tool work on the rezulteo site?

The search function at the centre of the homepage will help you find the right tyre: you can search by tyre size, car model or tyre brand. Enter the required data and the site will then offer a selection of tyres according to your criteria.

tyre search home page
Where can I find my data to search by tyre size?

You can find the right tyre size for your car:

How does the rezulteo tyre catalogue work?

You can use the rezulteo tyre catalogue in 2 ways:

You can search for a tyre brand on rezulteo by selecting the following criteria: season, car and driving style.
tyre characteristics
You can also search for a tyre brand by name in our extensive catalogue. They are divided into three different categories:
  • Premium brands, focused on performance
  • Standard brands, good value for money and sometimes specialising in a particular type of tyre (4x4, winter, sport...)
  • Budget brands, attractively priced but with limited performance

We regularly update our database to provide you with the most complete product catalogue possible.

Find all brands in our product catalogue

How does the rezulteo vehicle catalogue work?

On rezulteo, you can select the make, series, model, year and engine of your car using the drop-down lists. The lists are updated according to trends and new car models appearing on the market.

tyre search by vehicle

Under the search function, there is also a list of frequently searched car models for buying tyres.

popular cars

See the list of vehicles.

FAQ: everything you want to know about car tyres is on rezulteo

What kind of information can you get from the rezulteo tyre advice?

The rezulteo tyre experts give you advice on buying and maintaining car tyres in comprehensive and clear articles.

There are numerous articles available to answer your questions about buying new tyres, and to help you make an informed choice, and use and maintain your tyres properly.

To help you make your choice, the rezulteo site also provides a large number of independent tyre tests. Other tyre-related topics are covered in Q&A format.

There too, the rezulteo tyre experts will help you choose and buy car tyres.

Check out all the tyre advice before making your choice!

FAQ: frequently asked questions when choosing car tyres

How to choose the right car tyres?

When choosing tyres on rezulteo, you should consider several factors: price, performance and wear life. Also take into account your driving style and the environment in which you usually drive (city, motorway, countryside, mountains...). You can find more practical information on our tyre advice page.

Where can I find the tyre sizes that fit my car?

You can find the tyre size on the sidewalls of your current tyres, in your car's service booklet or on the inside of the driver’s and/or fuel door. Your registration certificate also states the make, model, date of first registration, fuel type and engine capacity of your car.

Where do I find the recommended tyre pressure?

There are several ways to find the recommended tyre pressure for your car. It is usually stated in the owner's manual of your car, on a sticker on the inside of the fuel or the driver's door. You can also find it in our vehicle catalogue.

The pressure may change if you are driving in winter or towing a trailer.

Read our guide on inflating tyres.

What is the difference between premium, standard and budget tyre brands?

Premium tyre brands are the leading brands on the market: they have the resources and know-how to develop high performance tyres. Mid-range tyre brands offer good value for money and some brands specialise in certain driving situations. Budget brands offer tyres at very competitive prices but often with disappointing performance.

Discover the differences between premium, standard and budget tyre brands.

What are the differences between summer, winter and all-season tyres?

Summer tyres are intended for use at temperatures that remain above 0°C for long periods of time. Winter tyres have been developed to perform well at temperatures below freezing. All-season tyres are a compromise between summer and winter tyres, which can be used all year round, but do not perform as well as seasonal tyres. Read more about the different types of tyres to make an even better choice!

What are the differences between economy, high performance and sport tyres?

In terms of driving style, the tyres on our site fall into three different categories:

  • Eco, these are fuel-efficient tyres: the best value for money and with performance that reduces their impact on fuel consumption and increases their mileage.
  • HP, these are high performance tyres that meet specific requirements, especially in terms of responsiveness and grip on the road.
  • Sport, these are the most suitable tyres for a sporty driving style. They generally offer above-average performance for cars built for high speeds and/or high power.
How do I know how well a tyre performs?

There are different criteria to determine the performance of a tyre. The European label can help you choose a tyre, but there are other equally important criteria to consider.

The rezulteo score, for example, also helps you to compare and choose tyres: it brings together 3 basic performance scores, namely economy, comfort and safety, calculated according to the category of the tyre size: economy, high performance or sport.

tyre performance

Read more about the other performance criteria of a tyre.

Can I mount tyres with a different load and speed indices than those of the original equipment?

You can, but there are rules. The load and speed values must be greater than or equal to those of the original size, except in the specific case of replacement of a summer tyre by a winter tyre. In that case, you may choose a lower speed index and place a sticker on the windscreen of your car.

What is the risk of fitting a non-approved size on my vehicle?

It is possible to choose a tyre size that is not approved for your car. But you risk changing the behaviour of your car and endangering your safety. You also risk a fine and a retest at the MOT.

Find out what other risks are involved in fitting a non-approved tyre size.

Can I drive summer tyres all year round?

It is legal to drive summer tyres all year round in the UK. Although driving in the city and on the highway in the prevailing maritime climate is not a problem, as soon as you head for mountainous areas in winter, however, it is strongly recommended that you fit tyres that are suitable for winter conditions. If you drive with summer tyres in winter conditions, you run the risk of not having the right equipment, which can be dangerous in some cases.

Discover the difference between summer and winter tyres.

What does the law say about winter tyres?

You can (theoretically) even drive winter tyres in summer. Legally, there is no problem (except for studded tyres), but your tyres are not adapted to the weather conditions. A winter tyre will wear out more quickly in hot summer weather and will therefore lose performance more quickly.

Please note: from autumn 2021, winter tyres will be compulsory in certain French regions, especially those with ski resorts. Always travel well prepared!

Read the precautions you need to take with winter tyres.

How do you read and interpret the different markings on a tyre?

There are numerous inscriptions or markings on the sidewall of a tyre providing information on its dimensions, load capacity and speed rating, as well as its technical and regulatory markings.

Learn to decipher the markings on your tyre.

FAQ: how do I buy my tyres on rezulteo?

How do you choose your tyres on the rezulteo website?

First of all, you can search by either tyre size, brand or car model. Compare different models and tyre performance and refine your search by using filters (size, season, brand, etc.).

Click on "View Offer" to compare tyre prices. When you have made your choice, click on "Buy now".

What is included in the price?

The price shown on our site is the price including VAT for one tyre in the chosen size. Fitting and alignment of the tyres are not included in the price.

Why is the price on the seller's website not the same as on rezulteo?

We update the prices on the rezulteo website daily. However, it can happen that a seller changes its prices, which can lead to a difference for a few hours.

Why does rezulteo offer different load and speed ratings than the original equipment?

rezulteo proposes approved tyre sizes which may have a different load and/or speed index than the original equipment of your car. This extensive selection will help you to find tyres from a wider product range, considering legal requirements, your wishes and your safety.

The "!" symbol indicates tyres that are compatible with other tyre sizes.

approved tyre dimensions
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Read more about how to change the load and speed indices of your tyres.

FAQ: how can I become a rezulteo advertising and/or affiliate partner?

What are the advertising opportunities on rezulteo?

The rezulteo team examines all advertising-related proposals. Please contact our advertising manager, who can suggest various advertising placements available to you.

What are the affiliate opportunities on rezulteo?

Have your products, tyre brands and prices included in the search results of our tyre price comparator! Contact our affiliation manager to become a rezulteo affiliate.