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About rezulteo™

The rezulteo™ Site is published by the Company LIZEO EUROPE.

rezulteo™ is the 1st real buyer's guide to purchasing tyres.

rezulteo™, is more than 50 brand names, comparing several thousand tyre references, and pricelists updated daily.

rezulteo™, means tyre performance tests, practical user guides for choosing and comparing before buying and advice on how to maintain your tyres.

rezulteo™, is an evaluation of the main distribution networks and 25000 sales outlets near you.

rezulteo™, is also a special place where you can get the right answers to your questions and stay informed.

Finally, rezulteo™, is a set of commitments:

  • rezulteo™ is committed to doing its best to ensure that consumers are able to make informed choices about tyres.

  • rezulteo™ is committed to providing consumers with data, comparisons, studies and personalised advice so that they can understand the various products, performances and prices of tyre brands in the best possible conditions.

  • rezulteo™ is committed to evaluating tyre performance using expert opinion, tests advertised in the specialist press, tests carried out by specialist organizations and tests carried out or ordered by us.

  • rezulteo™ is committed to assessing tyre products and professionals according to transparent criteria, offering real added-value to consumers: tyre wear, safety, grip, fuel savings, constant performances for manufacturers, prices of products and services proposed for retailers.

  • rezulteo™ is committed to giving its content an educational dimension in order to better guide consumers in their choice of tyres and to taking into account any comments that may help it to improve the quality of the information provided.

  • rezulteo™ is committed to remaining independent of the instructions or recommendations of manufacturers, dealers or any other players on the tyre market.

  • rezulteo™ is committed to maintain its editorial independence and impartially.