Checking tyres before a long journey

Going on holiday?

The holidays are fast approaching, meaning that long car journeys are also on the horizon! Before setting off, remember to check your tyre pressure and tread depth, both for your safety and in case you are stopped by the police en route. Also don't forget about your spare tyre and spare tyre maintenance. We tell you all you need to know to ensure a hassle-free journey!

Buying tyres

I need new tyres

Are you looking to buy tyres? Find out about all the available options so that you can get them at the best price, whether it’s at your car dealership, in auto centres or online. Learn the rules for fitting tyres and the different options, including if you need to change two or four tyres, alignment, and nitrogen filling. And above all, get to know how to select the right tyre according to your vehicle type and its usage.

Tyre puncture

My tyre has a puncture or is damaged

What should you do in the event of a puncture? Find out everything you need to know about spare tyres, their maintenance, the various methods to repair a punctured tyre (puncture repair kit) and the precautions to take when driving on a repaired tyre. Learn also how to detect tyre faults and damage: spot abnormal wear, lumps and cracks…for your own safety!