Get ready to experience summer behind the wheel of excellence! The perfect moment has arrived to swap your winter tyres for summer ones and discover the pinnacle of performance in warm weather. Summer tyres are engineered to provide exceptional grip on dry roads, unmatched handling at high speeds, and an unparalleled driving experience. They also offer good adaptability on wet roads to handle seasonal precipitation. Dive into our exclusive guide to the top summer tyres of 2024 to ensure a safe journey with unparalleled style this season.

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Top tyre summer 2024



This top 10 list was compiled by ADAC, a leading German company in terms of automotive testing, and featured by L’Argus, a French magazine dedicated to automobiles.



1. Continental Premium Contact 7

Continental PremiumContact 7 is a modern tyre specially designed for compact cars, sedans, and sports vehicles. It combines exceptional safety and comfort while ensuring excellent performance on both dry and wet roads. Significant improvements have been made to steering precision and handling, providing an optimal driving experience regardless of weather conditions. Rolling resistance has been reduced, ensuring higher mileage compared to its predecessor, the PremiumContact 6.
Additionally, noise levels have been significantly reduced for an even quieter ride. Thanks to its innovative design, the tyre ensures efficient water drainage and resistance to aquaplaning. The PremiumContact 7 is equipped with the new RedChili compound, offering impressive braking performance from the first wheel turn, without requiring tyre preheating.

Tests reveal excellent performance of the Continental PremiumContact 7 on both wet and dry surfaces.

Close-up of Continental PremiumContact 7

2. Michelin Primacy 4+

With the all-new Michelin Primacy 4+ tyre, every kilometer is a worry-free journey, no matter the distance!

Specially designed for sedan, SUV, and electric car drivers, the Primacy 4+ provides assurance of safe driving with exceptional braking performance, particularly on rainy days.

The Michelin Primacy 4+ summer tyre stands out for its supremacy in wet braking. Thanks to Michelin EverGrip technology, this summer tyre combines durable performance and exceptional longevity, allowing you to enjoy the road with confidence. We understand that performance and safety are crucial criteria for you, which is why Michelin is committed to maintaining them at the highest level! As the second choice in our top 10 best summer tyres, the Primacy 4+ proves to be a reliable option for optimal summer driving.

Close-up of Michelin Primacy 4 tire

3. Kumho Ecsta HS52

Ranked third in our list, the Kumho Ecsta HS52 is specifically designed as a summer tyre for touring vehicles, targeting compact cars, sedans, and minivans in particular.
Its great versatility is highlighted by its adaptability to various types of vehicles. Available in several versions with various load and speed ratings, this tyre guarantees performance comparable to premium tyres, offering drivers exceptional grip on the road and extended tread life.


4. Debica Presto UHP 2

The Debica Presto UHP 2 stands out as an ultra-performance tyre, designed with a range of technological solutions to inspire confidence during spirited driving of powerful touring cars, especially high-end sports models. Ranking fourth in our list, this tyre offers a unique combination of features for optimal performance.

With special cutting edges, the Dębica Presto UHP 2 excels on wet roads by effectively channeling water for improved grip. Its asymmetrical tread pattern and reinforced outer rib contribute to exceptional handling and reliable performance on dry surfaces, even at high speeds.

Evenly distributed pressure in the tyre plays a crucial role in its optimal durability, ensuring balanced wear over time. Additionally, the new rubber compound reduces energy loss and decreases rolling resistance, resulting in reduced fuel consumption. These features demonstrate Dębica Presto UHP 2’s commitment to offering premium performance while optimizing energy efficiency. As the fourth choice in our list, this tyre demonstrates its advanced positioning among top-quality options in the market.


5. Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 2

Ranked fifth in our list, here is the Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 2 which stands out as a summer tyre specially designed for touring vehicles and SUVs. By integrating a multitude of innovative technologies, this tyre ensures exceptional grip and optimal stability, offering high-level performance on various types of surfaces, whether paved or unpaved.

The advanced design of the DUNLOP Sport Maxx RT 2 meets the requirements of drivers seeking both safety and performance. Whether on an ordinary road or in more complex conditions, this tyre distinguishes itself by its ability to provide stable driving and reliable grip, making it an ideal choice for touring vehicles and SUVs. As the fifth option in our list, it represents a solid solution for those seeking an optimal balance between performance and versatility on the road.


6. Bridgestone Turanza 6

Ranked sixth in our list, the Turanza range of tyres is specifically designed for touring vehicles, aiming for excellence in tyre technology. Designed to equip high-end cars, the Turanza 6 stands out as the latest addition to this prestigious range. As a summer tyre, it offers exceptional performance, ensuring an optimal balance between comfort, safety, and exemplary road holding.

The Turanza 6 represents the culmination of technological advances in the range, offering a premium driving experience. Its design focuses on safety, ensuring reliable grip on various road surfaces during the summer season. Additionally, this tyre is synonymous with comfort, providing a smooth and pleasant driving experience even on long journeys.

The exemplary road holding of the Turanza 6 is the result of advanced engineering and meticulous construction. Whether on straight roads or tight corners, this tyre offers precise steering response, providing drivers with optimal control of their vehicle.


7. Fulda Sportcontrol 2

Positioned in seventh place in our ranking, the Fulda SportControl 2 is specifically designed to satisfy enthusiasts of sporty driving. This tyre is dedicated to high-end cars as well as sports models, aiming to offer optimal performance on the road. Although categorized as a summer tyre, the FULDA SportControl 2 stands out for its exceptional grip and remarkable road holding, even on wet surfaces.

This tyre is the ideal choice for those seeking a sporty driving experience without compromising safety, providing reliable grip on wet roads. Its advanced design incorporates specific technologies to meet the requirements of drivers looking for high-level performance.

The FULDA SportControl 2 aims to offer a dynamic and responsive driving experience, an essential characteristic for enthusiasts of sports cars. Its design focuses on maneuverability, providing precise steering response and excellent road holding, whether on straight roads or tight corners.


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Our top best summer tyres offer a diverse panorama of options on the market, catering to the varied needs of drivers. From the ultra-performance driving of the Dębica Presto UHP 2 to the versatility of the DUNLOP Sport Maxx RT 2, to the exceptional performance of the Turanza 6 and the sporty driving of the FULDA SportControl 2, each tyre stands out for its specific characteristics. Whether for sporty driving, excellent wet grip, or premium driving experience, these tyres have been selected with safety, comfort, and performance in mind. By exploring this ranking, drivers will find reliable options to optimize their summer driving experience, making the road a place where performance and safety harmoniously meet. Find all these tyres at the best prices on Rezulteo!


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