ADAC and the Swiss Touring Club have compared the best SUV winter tyres for the 2020 winter season. Of the 13 tyres tested in the size 235/55 R17, only one tyre lived up to expectations whereas all the other tyres showed their limits.

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Winter tyres test for SUVs: ADAC and TCS compare tyres for the snow

13 winter tyres for SUVs

After having tested summer tyres, then all season tyres in the size 235/55 R17, that only leaves the winter tyres. They have now been tested for the 2020/2021 winter season with this comparison test conducted by ADAC and TCS.

SUV winter tyres test: TCS and ADAC compare tyre grip on snow

This tyre size is suitable for several SUV and passenger car type vehicles up to vans, such as Audi A7Q3Ford KugaS-MaxJaguar XFMercedes S ClassClasse VVolvo S60V60XC60Volkswagen TiguanT6.

The following tyres were tested:

Scores downgraded by ADAC

The Semperit Speed-Grip 3 SUV is the only tyre that struggles in more than one rating criteria, hence the “recommended with reservations” rating. ADAC underlines the tyres’ below average handling on dry roads while its performance on snow and in wet conditions is not much better.

11 other tyres are “recommended” as a result of their weaknesses on one driving surface. If these shortcomings do not make them tyres to be avoided at all costs, they prevent them from ranking among the best, according to the test. For ADAC and TCS, these tyres fall into 3 separate groups, fairly close to each other in terms of the final score.

SUV winter tyres test: ADAC and TCS compare tyres in wet conditions

The Goodyear UltraGrip Performance +Kleber Krisalp HP3 and Bridgestone Blizzak LM005 tyres obtain good results in wet conditions and on snow, with a special mention for the Bridgestone tyre which is the best in the wet. Unfortunately, they do not perform as well in dry conditions, particularly in terms of steering precision.

The Dunlop Winter Sport 5 and Vredestein Wintrac Pro tyres are very good on dry roads and are also good in the wet and on ice. They have more difficulty on snow with a tendency to understeer more quickly.

The third group includes tyres which have shortcomings in at least two categories. The Esa+TecarCooper and Fulda tyres show weaknesses on wet and dry roads. The Nokian WR Snowproof has more difficulty on wet roads and ice. The Continental WinterContact TS850 P has a few shortcomings on dry roads and on snow. Finally, the Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 delivers an average performance on dry roads, on snow and on ice.

Only one tyre at the top

The Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 is alone in front, well ahead of its competitors. Precise on dry roads and safe in sudden avoidance actions, it also hugs the road in wet conditions. It is the best tyre on snow and logically, it obtains the “highly recommended” rating.

Top 5 winter tyres for SUVs/cars +
1 – Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 Best tyre on snow and on dry roads Price
2= Esa+Tecar Supergrip Pro Best on ice, best wear Wet and dry roads
2= Goodyear UltraGrip Performance + Fuel consumption, wet roads, snow and ice Dry roads
4= Dunlop Winter Sport 5 SUV Dry and wet roads Snow
‘4= Vredestein Wintrac Pro Dry and wet roads Snow

For those speaking French and/or German, you can read the full results on the websites of the Swiss Touring Club (in French) or on the ADAC website (in German)

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