The German magazine Auto Motor und Sport has compared 10 winter tyres in the size 225/50 R17 for passenger cars, type BMW 3 Series.

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Winter tyre test: Auto Motor und Sport compares tyres for passenger cars
© auto motor und sport – Dino Eisele

10 winter tyres tested

Last year, Auto Motor und Sport tested 11 winter tyres for small SUVs and crossovers. This time, the German magazine has selected 10 winter tyres in the size 225/55 R17 for a BMW 3 Series. This size is also suitable for vehicles such as the Alfa Romeo Giulia, Audi A4, A5 and A6, Jaguar S-Type, Mini Paceman, Mazda 6, Mercedes A, B or C-Class or the Volvo V40 and V60.

Winter tyre test: Auto Motor und Sport compares the best tyres on snow
© auto motor und sport – Dino Eisele

Unlike ACE Lenkrad who tested the same size this winter, AMS decided not to include Continental in its test since the German tyre manufacturer has put back the launch of its new winter tyre until next season. Here are the 10 tyres tested by the magazine:

“Satisfactory” tyres but still a bit behind the best

As the gap continues to close between each tyre tested, the difference between a good tyre and a very good tyre remains visible, first by the price then the performance balance. Considered to be “satisfactory” by Auto Motor und Sport, the Toyo, Giti, Maxxis and Falken tyres fall short in certain areas, particularly on snow. However, they still remain a very good specialised choice, according to the magazine who underlines their good quality at a low price.

Winter tyre test: best tyres in wet conditions for cars in the AMS comparison test
© auto motor und sport – Dino Eisele

Next comes the Nokian and Goodyear tyres that obtain the “good” rating. The Nokian WR Snowproof just makes the level required for this rating despite a few small shortcomings with its grip on snow and a tendency to understeer in the wet. It makes up ground in dry conditions offering very good performances and above all, a low rolling resistance.

The Goodyear UltraGrip Performance + tyre only just fails to obtain the higher rating. Winner of last year’s test (admittedly in a different size), its wet braking distances are slightly too long for it to claim a place on the podium. Nevertheless, it remains a good choice offering safe handling and no surprises in dry conditions, the best scores for aquaplaning and a very high level of grip on snow.

4 tyres on the podium

The Michelin Alpin 6 and Vredestein Wintrac Pro tie to take third place on the podium. As is often the case, this test underlines the high price of the Michelin tyre. The test also shows that it is a very good tyre delivering a good balance of safety on snow, short braking distances with a direct steering response and high comfort in all conditions.

Winter tyres test: fitting tyres on cars by AMS
© auto motor und sport – Dino Eisele

In a more sober style but no less effective, the Vredestein tyre is safe with short dry braking distances and is precise and reliable in wet conditions. It is also good in terms of traction on snow where it shows some weaknesses especially when cornering. Its wet braking distances are also slightly too long compared with the best to claim a higher ranking.

The BF Goodrich g-Force Winter 2 confirms its very good second place in the ACE Lenkrad test, finishing second again. Convincing on snow and with a very good resistance to aquaplaning, it delivers short dry braking distances. Despite slightly less stability on this surface, it managed to convince AMS with its driving comfort. Its wet performance just needs to move up a notch to contend for first place, according to the magazine.

Winter tyre test: best tyres for driving on snow in the AMS comparison test
© auto motor und sport – Dino Eisele

Auto Motor und Sport proclaims the Bridgestone Blizzak LM005 as the best winter tyre for 2020. This tyre has topped the rankings in a large number of tests this season, and logically, it wins this one too. It is the best in wet conditions, for both braking and handling. Very dynamic on snow, it also has the shortest braking distance on this surface. It is undoubtedly the best tyre of the comparison test according to AMS, with a comfortable lead over its competitors.

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