Which run-flat tyres should you choose? Leading tyre brands have developed technologies combining the practical side with driver safety in the event of a puncture. But fitting run-flat tyres is not cheap. Here is a selection of the best run-flat tyres.

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Runflat tyre: best RFT tyre, running flat if the tyre punctures
Bridgestone Driveguard run-flat tyre. © Bridgestone

What are run-flat tyres?

The run-flat tyre is a tyre that can “run flat” for several miles in the event of a puncture. A punctured tyre is stressful and dangerous. That’s where the run-flat tyre comes into play: you can drive a distance of 80 km at a maximum speed of 80 km/h, in the direction of the garage to repair the punctured tyre or change it!

Run-flat technology is used by several premium brands such as MichelinBridgestone and Pirelli. The run-flat technology (short: RFT) requires manufacturers to invest heavily in manufacturing and research and development. This is the reason why, on the tyre market, “run-flat” tyres cost more, on average.

Premium brands are particularly assertive on the run-flat tyre market, even if alternatives exist. They also have their own run-flat tyre marking. In short, it is not necessarily easy to buy run-flat tyres! This is why our rezulteo tyre expert offers you a choice of the best run-flat tyres.

Our selection also takes availability in the most popular sizes into account. They are displayed in alphabetical order and it is by no means a hierarchy.

Run-flat tyre: the puncture-proof solution?

Run-flat tyre: Bridgestone Turanza T005 RFT

© rezulteo

The Bridgestone Turanza T005 is a summer tyre that has a version with the Driveguard tyre technology. Connected to the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), DriveGuard is a concept which affects the structure of the tyre: less rigid, more comfortable sidewalls. A driver can drive with a punctured tyre without realising that it is losing pressure. This is the reason why Bridgestone run-flat tyres must be systematically connected to the vehicles tyres pressure monitoring system. How to recognise a Bridgestone run-flat tyre? The “RFT” marking is marked on the tyre’s sidewall.

Run-flat tyre: Continental PremiumContact 6 SSR

© rezulteo

This time, another slightly sportier tyre with the run-flat marking on the tyre market: Continental PremiumContact 6. The SSR system is a run-flat technology for low profile tyres which are fitted on standard rims. Continental has worked on a self-supporting reinforced sidewall. To fit run-flat tyres, the vehicle must be equipped with a TPMS.

Run-flat tyre: Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 ROF

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For all season tyres, there is the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 run-flat tyre which can be identified by the ROF (Run On Flat marking on the sidewall. It also has the 3PMSF marking which is proof of its capabilities for use in winter. This is quite innovative, especially since it has not gone unnoticed in tyre comparison tests. Goodyear has applied its innovative run-flat technology to this high performance tyre to allow it to continue driving even with a puncture.

Run-flat tyre: Michelin Pilot Sport 4ZP

Copyright © : Michelin

Michelin has launched the Pilot Sport 4 tyre with the “ZP” marking for Zero Pressure. It is the French brand’s renowned sports tyre featuring run-flat technology. This “self-supporting” system is possible thanks to robust sidewalls that can support the vehicle’s weight in the event of pressure loss. Compared with a standard tyre, the Michelin ZP run-flat tyre reduces the risk of a punctured tyre coming off the rim. Like many run-flat tyres, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 ZP tyre can be repaired once by a professional if it punctures.

Run-flat tyre: Nokian Wetproof Run Flat

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The Nokian tyre brand is well known for the performance of its winter tyres. And yet, the Wetproof summer tyre does not lack potential! Thanks to its performance in wet conditions, the Nokian Wetproof tyre offers drivers an enhanced level of safety. With its run-flat version, it is practical to be able to drive a few extra miles to reach a garage if it punctures.

Run-flat tyre: Pirelli Cinturato P7 RFT

How to recognise a Pirelli run-flat tyre? For example, the Pirelli Cinturato P7 RFT summer sports tyre has the “run flat” marking on its sidewall. On the tyre market, the Cinturato P7 sports tyre is specifically sold for the BMW car market with the run-flat option: this is the Cinturato P7 RFT with the manufacturers * marking.

Parallel to the self-supporting system, Pirelli has developed the Seal Inside technology for self-repairing tyres: when a pointed object perforates the tyre, a sealing compound surrounds and covers this object to stop any leaks.

Things to know: it is recommended to fit run-flat tyres on the 4 wheels.

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