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What UHP tyres for a sports car? Auto Bild 2020 tyre test on high performance vehicle

Sports tyre comparison: Auto Bild test of high performance tyres
In this new tyre test, Auto Bild focuses on an ultimate sports car: the Mercedes-AMG C63. A vehicle fitted with different tyre sizes on the front and rear axles for more dynamic handling thanks to a wide tread.

2020 Auto Bild SUV and 4x4 summer tyre test: the best tyres for a BMW X5

Auto Bild SUV and 4x4 tyre test
German magazine Auto Bild has tested and compared 10 tyres for SUVs and 4x4s in the size 255/55 R18. Dry, wet, gravel, sand, grass… Discover the best tyres for this type of vehicle capable of driving on all surfaces.

2020 Auto Motor und Sport tyre test: the best UHP tyres for sporty sedans

Auto Motor und Sport UHP tyre comparison: summer tyre test with BMW
The German magazine Auto Motor und Sport has compared 11 summer tyres in the size 225/45 R18 on a BMW 3-Series. This test provided the opportunity to find the best tyre in terms of performance but also driving comfort.

2020 Auto Zeitung high performance tyre test with 20 tyres

Auto Zeitung best summer tyres test
Auto Zeitung has compared the performances of 20 high performance summer tyres in the size 225/50 R17 for a BMW 3-Series and similar vehicles. Once again, a test that shows that a no-compromise driving experience comes at a price.

2020 summer tyre test: AutoBild’s verdict on the 20 best UHP tyres

2020 Autobild summer tyre test
After testing the wet and dry braking performance of 50 UHP summer tyres in the size 245/45 R18 100 Y, AutoBild selected the 20 tyres with the shortest braking distance and put them through an additional series of tests. And once again, the leading brands take the top spots.

ACE Lenkrad summer tyres test: the best intermediate tyre brands

ACE Lenkrad summer tyre test
With the test season of all tyre types in full swing, the Automobile Club Europa magazine has decided to innovate this year with a test which does not include premium tyre brands. Nine “alternative” tyres were compared in the size 215/55 R17 for the Audi Q2 SUV.

2020 ADAC UHP tyre test: Alternatives to premium?

ADAC and TCS summer tyres test: Golf GTI on the track
The German ADAC and Swiss Touring Club have compared different UHP (Ultra High Performance) tyres in the size 225/40 R18. The test shows that in some cases there is a compromise between wear and braking performance on wet.

2020 ADAC SUV summer tyre test: between safety and longevity

Summer tyres test for SUVs: grip in wet conditions
Like every other year, the German ADAC, in partnership with the Swiss Touring Club, has compared current summer tyres on safety and longevity. The automobile associations have compared 12 tyres in the size 235/55 R17 suitable for use on SUVs or vans.

2020 AutoBild summer tyre test: braking test with 50 tyres

2020 Auto Bild summer tyres test on a BMW 5-Series
According to AutoBild, here is the selection of the best summer tyres for luxury saloons. As first part of its big summer tyre comparison, the German magazine has selected and compared the braking distances of 50 tyres in wet and dry conditions. Tested size: 245/45 R18. Test car: BMW 5-Series.

L’Argus reveals the best winter tyre in its latest 2019 test

L’Argus has compared premium brand winter tyres
When winter approaches, with snow or not, drivers decide to fit winter tyres when temperatures drop. And to choose the right tyre, there is nothing better than reading the results of tyre comparison tests! L’Argus has published its test of leading winter tyres available on the market, in the size 205/55 R16 91H, fitted on the Golf VII. So, what is the best tyre for winter?