Winter tyres and snow chains

Winter tyres and equipment

Driving on ice, snow or slippery roads in winter? Obviously you’ll need your winter tyres, but have you thought about what other equipment might come in handy? In the articles below you can find out about all the equipment available for winter driving: from snow chains and snow socks to studded tyres. Travelling abroad? We also give you all the info about winter regulations in Europe, including winter tyres in Germany and France.


In which countries are winter tyres mandatory?

Planning a skiing trip to Austria, Switzerland or Germany this winter? Have you thought about your tyres? Regulations on winter tyres, studded tyres and snow chains vary between countries. To avoid being fined, it’s a good idea to check before your leave! Here’s a handy summary of all the winter tyre legislation in force in Europe...

Snow chains: models and fitting

Everything you need to know about snow chains

There are three main types of snow chain available on the market: ladder chains, diamond chains and fast-fit chains. If you need to invest in a set, for example for a skiing trip, this guide will help you decide which model is best for you.

Snow socks

Textile or composite: choosing the right snow socks

Easier to fit and less cumbersome than chains, snow socks can be a good alternative for occasional use. However, be awar...