Easier to fit and less cumbersome than chains, snow socks can be a good alternative for occasional use. However, be aware that snow socks are fragile and only a handful of models are approved as winter driving equipment.

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Snow socks
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What models are available?

As with snow chains, the maximum recommended speed when using snow socks is 30 mph.

Snow socks can be fitted onto your winter tyres and come in two types: textile socks and composite socks. The following table lists the pros and cons of each type to help you choose the right product for you.

Model Features Pros Cons
Textile snow socks
Textile cover fits over the tyre. Inexpensive.The polyester fibre absorbs water and improves grip. Braking and handling hindered by the lack of lengthways strands.Limited performance in thick snow.
Composite snow socks
A net combined with an inner elastic band strengthened with 50 galvanized steel rings. Easy to fit.Robust.Good road holding and driveability.Approved as an alternative to snow chains. More expensive.

rezulteo recommends:

Make sure you choose the right size sock for your wheels.

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