Do I really need to fit 4 winter tyres? It’s a common question when preparing for winter driving. In this guide we explain why it’s important to invest in a full set of winter tyres to keep you safe on winter roads.

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2 or 4 winter tyres ?
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Do I need to fit 4 winter tyres? for maximum safety

Winter tyres have a specially designed rubber compound and tread patterns to deliver good grip in temperatures below 7°C , and on snow and ice.  

By fitting winter tyres to all four wheels of your vehicle, you ensure good handling and stability. This is because all your tyres work together to deliver the best traction and the highest level of grip.

  • At the front, winter tyres allow you to maintain traction and the directional control of your car.
  • At the rear, they provide good grip when cornering.  

Whether you have a 4×4, a front-wheel drive or a rear-wheel drive vehicle, you need a full set of winter tyres to achieve maximum safety in cold conditions.

What are the risks of only fitting 2 winter tyres?

Can I make do with just 2? To save money, you may be tempted to fit a single pair of winter tyres to the drive wheels rather than a full set. After all, aren’t snow chains fitted on a single axle?

However, with only a single pair of winter tyres, an imbalance is created between the front and rear wheels of your vehicle affecting its stability. Therefore, you risk losing grip when braking, cornering and driving downhill, especially in snow and ice.

If you fit a single pair of winter tyres to

  • the front wheels of a front-wheel drive vehicle, you could experience rear skidding and the car may spin.

In the same way,

  • fitting winter tyres only to the rear wheels of a rear-wheel drive vehicle will also imbalance the wheels and could lead to you losing control of the vehicle.

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