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2019 All season SUV tyre test: the best all weather tyres according to Auto Bild

The Auto Bild magazine has compared 7 all season tyres in the same conditions as summer and winter tyres. The German magazine has chosen the size 235/55 R19 for SUVs.

AutoBild All season tyre test 2019

Auto Bild has tested and compared 7 all season tyres in the size 235/55 R19 © Auto Bild

All season tyres in summer and winter?

Can all season tyres really replace summer and winter tyres in suitable conditions? This is the question Auto Bild has asked in its latest test for SUVs. The German magazine compared 7 all season tyres in the size 235/55 R19:

Auto Bild has tested these tyres on snow, and in dry and wet conditions with an Audi Q5.

You get what you pay for

By far the cheapest tyre of this comparison test, the Gripmax Status Allclimate did not convince Auto Bild at all. It obtains the “not recommended” rating from the German magazine due to its dangerous performances on wet and snowy slopes. Braking distances are also too long and its handling is erratic in dry conditions.

Nevertheless, it is more efficient than a summer tyre on snow which requires more than 62 metres to come to a standstill compared with 28.5 metres for the Gripmax tyre. This demonstration proves that an all season tyre remains a compromise tyre but is better than a summer tyre in winter.

Watch out for understeering

The Falken Euro All Season AS210 stands out for its high safety reserves against aquaplaning. “Satisfactory” for Auto Bild, this tyre has a few steering response weaknesses as well as a tendency to understeer. Its wet braking distances are also a little longer than its competitors.

Also rated “satisfactory”, the Nokian Weatherproof SUV is particularly at ease when driving in winter conditions and has a good resistance to aquaplaning. It also provides a comfortable ride and low road noise. However, it loses points due to slightly longer dry braking distances and a tendency to understeer in dry conditions.

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons SUV Gen-2 AutoBild Allrad test

© AutoBild Allrad

The Goodyear Vector 4Seasons SUV Gen-2 shares the same rating but not the same remarks. Considered “good”, the American tyre manufacturer owes this rating to its short braking distances in all situations. Nevertheless, it has the same tendency to understeer in dry conditions and has low lateral control on snow.

For summer, winter or for all seasons

The Continental AllSeasonContact is particularly efficient in winter and offers a safe drive in this season, according to Auto Bild. Although not quite as fast as a winter tyre, it offers short braking distances on snow and good dynamic wet handling performance. It also has the lowest rolling resistance of the comparison test while offering good ride comfort and low noise levels. It is slightly less efficient in dry conditions with a tendency to understeer.

Continental AllSeasonContact tyre

© rezulteo

The Michelin CrossClimate SUV is the most convincing tyre in summer conditions. On dry surfaces, it is the fastest tyre and handles well. Without any real weakness apart from its high price, the Michelin all season tyre convinced Auto Bild: it is versatile, sporty, handles well… It has a high safety reserve in wet conditions and a low rolling resistance which allows it to obtain the “exemplary” rating from the German magazine.

But, according to Auto Bild, the best all season SUV tyre for 2019 is the Vredestein Quatrac 5. “Exemplary”, it excels in all winter conditions providing a remarkable all-round balance. Its precise steering response and short braking distances in the wet and on snow make it an excellent tyre throughout the year, all the more so since it comes at an affordable price. 




Vredestein Quatrac 5


High performance in all conditions

Michelin CrossClimate SUV


Versatile and efficient, high price

Continental AllSeasonContact


Very good winter performance, understeers in dry conditions

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons SUV Gen-2


Short braking distances, understeers in dry conditions.

Nokian Weatherproof SUV


Efficient in snow, relatively long braking distances

Falken Euroall Season AS200


Good aquaplaning resistance, relatively long braking distances

Gripmax Status Allclimate


Dangerous performances, cheap


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