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Tyre Manufacturers of the World: American tyre brands

What do Goodyear, Uniroyal, BF Goodrich and Cooper have in common? The answer is that they’re all tyre brands originally from the US. In this, the third in our series Tyre Manufacturers of the World, find out more about the history of these famous American tyre manufacturers.

American tyre brands and manufacturers

American tyre brands: do you know the different US tyre manufacturers? © rezulteo


In 1898, Goodyear opened its first factory in Akron, Ohio in the United States. The American brand first appeared under the name of another famous tyre maker, Dunlop, and manufactured tyres for bicycles and carriages. With the start of the automobile boom, the company was quickly renamed Goodyear and became a multinational business. In 1999, Goodyear bought the rights to the Dunlop brand in Europe and North America and became a major American tyre manufacturer.


Firestone is also an American company, specialised in the manufacturing of tyres. It was founded in the “Rubber Capital of the World”, Akron, Ohio in 1900. Following the restructuring of the company in the 1980s, Firestone relocated to Chicago and was bought by Bridgestone.

Cooper Tires

Cooper Tires is another well-known American tyre manufacturer. Founded in 1914, also in Akron, Ohio, Cooper Tires took its current name in 1946. The tyre manufacturer has since moved its headquarters to Findlay, also in Ohio. Today the Cooper group owns multiple sub-brands including British tyre maker, Avon Tyres. Cooper Tire now operates in a dozen or so countries throughout the world.


BFGoodrich Tires was founded by Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich (B.F.G) and quickly became a well known brand throughout the world. The first factory location? Akron in Ohio, of course! Specialising in 4x4 and motor racing tyres, BFGoodrich joined the Michelin group in 1990.


Founded in 1892 in Naugatuck, Connecticut, Uniroyal was originally the “United States Rubber Company”. The manufacturer was merged with BFGoodrich for several years, establishing its headquarters at the former BFGoodrich head office. Uniroyal joined the Michelin group in 1990. Its European branch is, however, part of the Continental group.

General Tire

General Tire is our final American tyre brand. General Tire was found in 1915 in – you guessed it -Akron, Ohio. The company diversified in the 1940s before its tyre division was bought by Continental in 1987.

Other brands originally from the USA

Here are some other American tyre brands: Dean Tires, Mastercraft Tires, Definity Tires, Roadmaster Tires, Mickey Thompson Tires and Wheels, Dayton Tires, Kelly Tires.

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