Question from Discomick1, 10/01/2011 :

My series 1 discovery has standard wheels and Tyres 205/80/16 the rim size is 7jx16x33.0 does anyone know if I can put bigger Tyres on these rims i.e wider. Without having to cut chunks out of the car?

Answer by rezulteo, 10/01/2011 :

Hello there,

Thanks for your question.

It is difficult to determine a maximum tyre width that can be fitted to your vehicle. Each car has specific drive train, even when the tyre size is identical.

To remain in 16”, you could fit:

  • 215 75 R16
  • 225 75 R16
  • 235 70 R16
  • 255 65 R16

We recommend fitting 235 maximum width, which corresponds to a tyre 30mm wider than originally fitted.

Be careful when installing and driving as the tyre may touch the wings, but also the wheel arches when turning.

rezulteo’s advice: Ask your tyre seller or dealer for advice to prevent damaging your vehicle.

Hope this helps.

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The rezulteo team.

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