Question from visitor, 08/01/2010 :

I’d like to know if it is dangerous to fit tyres which say 205/55/ 16h when it says inside my car door that I’m supposed to use 205/55/16v. My car has a max. speed of 183km/h.

Answer by rezulteo, 08/01/2010 :

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Every make of vehicle comes with tyres specially adapted to the axle, rim size, performance, braking and weight of the vehicle. As well as showing the maximum speed of the tyre, the speed rating is an indicator of how well the vehicle copes under braking, cornering and acceleration. UK law also states that tyres should be capable of supporting a vehicle’s maximum speed. We therefore recommend that you stick to the speed and load ratings recommended by the manufacturer. 

You should also be aware that dropping to a lower speed rating could potentially invalidate your car insurance.

If you’re fitting winter tyres, on the other hand, you can lower the speed rating and go from V to H. In this case, we would also recommend double-checking with your insurance company that this will not invalidate your insurance.

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