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Nokian Tyres equips the first all-weather autonomous vehicle

Finnish tyre manufacturer Nokian Tyres has unveiled its equipment partnership for a new type of autonomous bus, built to be driven in all weather conditions, even the most extreme.

Gacha Bus tyres Nokian Hakkapeliitta

Finnish tyre manufacturer Nokian Tyres has announced its partnership with Sensible 4 and Muji to equip the Gacha self-driving bus © Nokian Tyres

Gacha, the first autonomous all-weather bus

Winter tyre specialist, Nokian wants to equip tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles. Better, the tyre manufacturer has just announced a partnership with “Sensible 4” and “Muji”, who have unveiled their new mode of transport adapted to all weather conditions. Known as “Gacha”, this self-driving bus which can take up to 16 passengers at a speed of 40 km/h was tested at Helsinki, Finland through the spring. The perfect opportunity for Nokian to propose non-studded Hakkapeliitta R3 Nordic winter tyres to provide the safety required for this vehicle. With its futuristic design, the Gacha bus is not affected by weather changes and can be driven in all conditions. An objective which makes Nokian a logical choice for both the performance it promises and the geographical location of the companies.

Interior of the Gacha bus fitted with Nokian tyres

Interior of the Gacha bus fitted with Nokian tyres © Nokian Tyres

“We wanted to develop a self-driving bus that will operate reliably even in the worst weather. Difficult conditions also demand a lot from the interface between the vehicle and the road. This made Nokian Hakkapeliitta winter tyres a natural choice for us and they complement our system in an excellent manner”, said Harri Santamala, CEO for Sensible 4.

Tested in the Finnish Arctic Circle and mainly at the Nokian test centre at Ivalo, the famous “White Hell” with 200 days of frost per year, the bus is fine-tuned to handle rain and snow, which often undermine the use of this type of vehicle, particularly the onboard cameras. On top of which, with tyres supplied by Nokian, Gacha has no intention of being stopped by the weather.

After Helsinki, Gacha will be operated in three other Finnish towns in the spring before an international use and an industrialisation process for fleets from 2021.

Side Gacha bus Nokian Hakkapeliitta tyres

The Gacha bus can drive in all weather conditions thanks to its Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 tyres © Nokian Tyres


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