What country does Apollo tyres come from? Where do CEAT and MRF tyres come from? In our series Tyre Manufacturers of the World, we are delving into the origins of famous international tyre brands. Discover now the list of top Indian tyre brands. Have a look...

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Indian tyre brands
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Several brands of Indian tyres have appeared on the European and world market over the years. Here is a selection of a few Indian tyre manufacturers. If you are interested in Indian tyres, have a look on their prices and performance in our tyre base.

Apollo Tyres

Apollo Tyres is an Indian tyre manufacturer which was founded in 1972 at Gurgaon, on the outskirts of New Delhi, India. It has become one of the largest tyres manufacturers in the world and is present in more than one hundred countries. With several manufacturing plants in India and in Europe, Apollo Tyres sells many tyres for passenger cars, motor cycles, vans and trucks. In 2009, Apollo Tyres acquired the Netherlands based Vredestein brand, accelerating the international development of the group.

MRF tyres

MRF or Madras Rubber Factory is in an Indian tyre manufacturer based at Chennai in south east India which was founded in 1946. It was only in 1952 that it ventured into the tyre industry. MRF entered into several technical partnerships with historical tyre brands such as BF Goodrich and Marangoni. The Indian tyre manufacturer specialises in the production of tyres for passenger cars but also proposes some tyres for motor cycles, trucks, agricultural and off-road vehicles.

CEAT tyres

Today, CEAT is an Indian tyre manufacturer based at Mumbai in the north east of the country. But this has not always been the case. The company was founded in 1924 at Turin, Italy by Virginio Bruni Tedeschi, grandfather of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. It is her father that established the tyre manufacturer in India in 1958. Today, owned by the RPG Enterprises conglomerate, CEAT produces 15 million tyres per year. The brand offers a wide range of products for all types of vehicles: passenger cars, motor cycles, tractors, light commercial vehicles, trucks, earth movers, etc.

JK Tyres

JK Tyres is an Indian tyre manufacturer based in Delhi. Created in 1974, the company owns 9 plants in India and throughout the world. It produces almost 20 million tyres per year. JK Tyres exports various tyres for passenger cars, trucks and all terrain vehicles to 80 countries across the world.

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