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Michelin presents Vision, a new concept tyre

As part of Movin’On 2017, the international summit for sustainable mobility in Montreal, Michelin has unveiled its new concept tyre named “Vision”.

Michelin’s Vision concept tyre will be airless, biodegradable and customizable

Michelin’s Vision concept tyre will be airless, biodegradable and customizable - Copyright © Michelin

Sustainable innovation for the circular economy.

It was an ambitious goal for Michelin: engineer a tyre that is airless, recyclable and connected, with a rechargeable 3D printed tread. The international Movin’On summit for sustainable mobility provided the perfect setting for a spectacular launch of this concept, underlining the French tyre manufacturer’s commitment to sustainable development.

Jean-Dominique Senard, CEO of Michelin, described the new tyre as “a high-value concept that promotes the circular economy, and categorically rejects obsolescence, focusing instead on positive technologies.” Vision, he states, “is more than an engineer’s dream. It’s a reality made possible by technological building blocks already being developed in our laboratories”. In fact, 19 patents were filed in the engineering of this concept.

A tyre that adapts to the driver’s needs

The Michelin Vision concept tyre will be the first tyre in the world able to change its tread pattern to adapt to its environment.  

An interface connected to the vehicle will allow the driver to select a destination and, based on the chosen itinerary, will decide what type of tyres the vehicle requires. If a change of tyres is necessary, the same interface will direct the driver to an independent 3D printer, in order to add a new layer of rubber and adapt the tread design to the weather conditions.

According to Michelin, the airless and alveolar internal structure of the Vision concept will be capable of supporting a vehicle and guaranteeing a safe drive. The obvious advantage of this airless structure is that the tyre can neither burst nor puncture.  Vision will also be 100% recyclable and biodegradable. 

Video: discover Vision, Michelin’s new concept tyre 


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