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Michelin joins forces with Hyundai to develop tyres for next generation vehicles

Michelin and Hyundai have jointly announced a new partnership between the two groups. The French tyre manufacturer will work with the South Korean car maker on tyres for its new vehicles.


The Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor Group went to Michelin’s headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand to sign the agreement between the two companies.  - Copyright © Hyundai

A partnership that goes beyond OE approval 

Although tyre manufacturers regularly work with leading car manufacturers on the development of original fitment (OE) tyres, it is uncommon for these partnerships to result in a new bespoke tyre model. Yet, this is precisely the objective behind Michelin and Hyundai Motor’s technical partnership which was signed this week.

As a result of this collaboration, the two companies hope to develop tyres suitable for future Hyundai models. This means that Michelin engineers will have access to Hyundai’s data and expertise in designing tyres adapted for the car maker’s new electric and luxury vehicles. 

Two tyres already under development

Although neither the duration, nor the exact contents of the agreement signed at Michelin’s Clermont Ferrand headquarters have been revealed, two projects have already been announced. The French tyre manufacturer will work on the development of an all season tyre for Hyundai's new generation of urban electric vehicles and a bespoke tyre for the successor of its luxury sedan, the Genesis G80. 

The two groups say they want to focus on the development of high performance tyres capable of delivering the best performance in terms of ride comfort and handling while keeping road noise and vibrations to a minimum.


European Inventor Award 2018: two Michelin researchers nominated

The European Patent Office (EPO) has announced the list of finalists for the European Inventor Award 2018. Amongst them are Agnes Poulbot and Jacques Barraud, two researchers from Michelin. Nominated in the Industry category, the French researchers have designed an auto-regenerating tread to make tyres greener and more efficient.

New Bridgestone study reveals that 74% of motorway tyre failures are avoidable

New research by Bridgestone and Highways England has found that nearly three quarters (74%) of tyre-related incidents on motorways could be prevented by drivers carrying out simple tyre checks.

Continental sponsors a third cycling Grand Tour with Giro d’Italia partnership

Tyre manufacturer Continental has announced a 3-year partnership with the Giro d’Italia cycling race. This is the third Grand Tour sponsored by the German brand since the beginning of the year.

Continental is developing an aquaplaning warning system

Continental has revealed that it is working to develop an aquaplaning warning system using surround view cameras and tyre sensors.