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Hexonic and Aeroflow: 2 intelligent and futuristic concept tyres by Hankook

At the Essen Motor Show 2018 in Germany, Hankook presented 2 new concept tyres from its Design Innovation project. The “Aeroflow” and “Hexonic” tyres want to reinvent tomorrow’s technology and mobility whether in cities or for motorsports.

The Hankook Hexonic and Aeroflow concept tyres presented at the Essen Motor Show

Hankook’s concept tyres were presented at the Essen Motor Show in Germany. © Hankook

Tyres imagined by design students

Every two years, Hankook organises its “Design Innovation” project in collaboration with the most prestigious design schools in the world. This year the South Korean tyre manufacturer has collaborated with the London Royal College of Art. The theme this year: “Extending future life beyond mobility”.

Students from the London University were given the task of developing a concept tyre for autonomous vehicles. Over and above the simple visual aspect, the students also had to propose technically convincing and feasible concepts to Hankook. “This project is part of our efforts to find creative and efficient solutions for mobility of the future”, said, Klaus Krause, Head of the European Research and Development for Hankook.

Hexonic, an intelligent tyre for shared mobility

Capable of analysing the road in real time, Hexonic is the first concept tyre developed by the London Royal College of Art. Designed for autonomous shared mobility vehicles, it can scan the road surface with its technology and 7 separate sensors. With the information collected, the Hexonic is able to adapt to road conditions and change its tread accordingly. This concept tyre can adjust grip depending on the temperature or type of road surface.

The Hankook Hexonic concept tyre presented at the Essen Motor Show

© Hankook


Aeroflow, the sports tyre of the future

More suitable for motorsports, Aeroflow is a tyre designed to apply a maximum downforce. To achieve this, the tyre has a wider structure with a double tread which can be separated. Between the two, a turbine impeller can pick-up the air when driving and use it to generate additional downforce if necessary. This unique improvement allows the Aeroflow tyre to increase grip at high speed.

The Hankook Aeroflow concept tyre presented at the Essen Motor Show

© Hankook


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