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Tyre Safe encourages motorists to have a “Good Air Day”

Did you know that October is Tyre Safety Month? Organised annually by the charity Tyre Safe, this year’s campaign is targeting under-inflated tyres.

Tyre Safe Cars

Tyre Safe aims to ensure that every day is a “Good Air Day” for your tyres! © Tyre Safe

Are you having a Good or Bad Air Day?

This is the question being posed to UK motorists as part of this year’s Tyre Safety Month.  With this new campaign, the charity Tyre Safe aims to raise awareness around the problem of under-inflated tyres and encourage motorists to check their tyres more regularly.

According to Tyre Safe, bad air days currently outnumber the good on UK roads. More than half of Britain’s cars and vans are being driven on under-inflated tyres, with potentially dangerous consequences for road safety.

Driving on under-inflated tyres makes the vehicle more difficult to control, reduces grip and increases the risk of an accident. What's more, under-inflated tyres also wear more quickly and burn more fuel, leading to higher emissions, not to mention added expense for motorists.  

Tyre Safe recommends that tyre pressure should be checked at least once a month, and before long journeys. The charity’s chairman, Stuart Jackson, commented: “Keeping tyres properly inflated is easy to do, keeps drivers and other road users safe, and saves money. It’s a win-win situation so it’s remarkable how many motorists don’t ensure the pressures are correct for the vehicle and the load it is carrying. Tyre Safety Month is the ideal time to start the routine of ensuring every driving day is a good air day.”

All the details on how and when to check tyre pressures can be found in our guide to tyre inflation. You can also check out our vehicle directory to find the recommended pressures for your car. For more details on Tyre Safety Month, visit the Tyre Safe website and stay tuned to rezulteo’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, where we’ll be covering all the latest!


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