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The European Commission proposes a new labelling of tyres

Almost 6 years after tyre labelling was first introduced in Europe, the European Commission proposes to update it and introduce several new parameters. An initiative encouraged by the various market players.

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Several new parameters considered

Almost 6 years later, labelling needs to be reviewed. The European Commission has decided to put the subject back on the agenda by proposing to revise the legislation. First of all, by increasing its scope. Today, labelling is mandatory for new passenger car tyres. The European Commission proposal seeks to extend labelling to tyres supplied as original equipment on new vehicles, tyres for heavy commercial vehicles (C3 category) and retreaded tyres. Labelling would also be mandatory for lease vehicles.

The European Commission, chaired by Jean-Claude Juncker, also wants to introduce new rating criteria. In addition to external rolling noise, wet grip and fuel efficiency, information concerning snow and ice performance, as well as mileage and abrasion would be included.


More rigorous testing and information more readily available

For current criteria, the European Commission wants more rigorous tests than those conducted by tyre manufacturers today. Tyre manufacturers will have to conduct tests in approved laboratories and provide more complete technical documentation. The European Commission also wants to rectify all labelling criteria and modify the thresholds for each rating.

On the consumer side, all tyres and their label should be available online, in an official database common to each country in the European Union. Labels would be easy to find on line thanks to a QR code whose presence would be mandatory on the new labelling. European Tyre Labelling would be more visible to everyone since the European Commission proposes the obligation to display the label on all advertisements for a specific tyre.

The schedule to introduce these new parameters is extremely tight. The European Commission wants the tyre database to be operational from 1 January 2019 and asks tyre manufacturers to register their tyres by 1 January 2020. It is planned that this new regulation will come into force on 1 June 2020 provided it is adopted by the European Parliament.


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