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Nokian WR Snowproof: peace of mind for alpine winters

Finnish tyre manufacturer Nokian Tyres has presented its all-new WR Snowproof winter tyre developed for alpine winters. It will allow drivers to safely brave European winter weather conditions.

New Alpine winter tyre: Nokian WR Snowproof

Nokian has developed new performances and technologies for its new Nokian WR Snowproof winter tyre. © Nokian Tyres

Peace of mind for all forms of winter

After the Powerproof and Wetproof, here is the Snowproof! Nokian reveals its new premium winter tyre for Central Europe: the Nokian WR Snowproof. Developed for alpine driving, it offers superior safety to those accustomed to driving in the mountains. Although it has been tailored to tackle the most demanding winter conditions, it also delivers a high level of performance in milder weather.

Nokian WR Snowproof: good performance promised on snow

© Nokian Tyres

State-of-the-art winter technology

With its new tyre, Nokian reveals its latest technology for winter: the Alpine Sense Grip. This concept mix, used for the first time in the WR Snowproof, offers first class grip on snowy, slippery and wet roads. All of this, while offering a predictable, balanced and comfortable driving experience despite unexpected winter weather changes. According to Marko Rantonen, Product Development Manager for Nokian Tyres, the WR Snowproof reacts quickly “and this even before the car’s electronic safety systems are activated”. This modern rubber compound, based on what is already used for the Nokian Hakkapeliitta tyres for high performance in harsh winter conditions, also incorporates a new compound that provides excellent performance in milder weather.As such, the tyre is efficient over a wider temperature range. This compound combines natural rubber, silica and functional polymers to obtain maximum grip on different surfaces. And, associated with its tread pattern, it also offers a low rolling resistance.

Nokian WR Snowproof developed with Alpine Sense Grip technology

© Nokian Tyres

Blocks, sipes and grooves have been optimised in this symmetrical tread pattern. The arrow-like pattern, as seen on Nordic tyres in the Hakkapeliitta range, effectively removes deep snow and slush from between the tyre and the road. The grooves, with different contours and depths, create a dense mesh to provide good lateral and longitudinal grip on different types of snow. The tread pattern and tyre structure ensure better road contact while offering a fast steering response. More stable and dynamic, the WR Snowproof provides better grip and better durability in all weather conditions.

Nokian WR Snowproof, winter tyre with connected grooves

© Nokian Tyres

Two dual grooves, placed on either side of the centre tread, store water and quickly transfer it away from the tyre, helping to prevent any risk of aquaplaning. Through a unique testing protocol, available at the technology centre in Ivalo, Finland, Nokian has been able to develop the characteristics of its tyre to be capable of dealing with the harshest winter conditions, and in particular slush, which is considered as being the most difficult condition to drive in. At the “White Hell” testing centre, the Finnish tyre manufacturer has conducted over 4 years of extensive testing on all surfaces in Lapland’s arctic conditions.

New Nokian WR Snowproof winter tyre with dual grooves technology

© Nokian Tyres

The “SilentSidewall” technology used for the Nokian WR Snowproof is a special rubber compound placed between the sidewall and the tread. It actively dampens the noise and vibrations to ensure a more comfortable ride. It also uses “Clinch, another compound technology placed in the bead to provide a low rolling resistance.

Nokian has tested its new WR Snowproof tyre at its White Hell testing centre

© Nokian Tyres

Characteristics confirmed on the performance label

If the Nokian WR Snowproof promises a high level of performance, this is confirmed on the EU tyre label. It obtains a B-grade for wet grip for all available sizes. For rolling resistance, it obtains a B or C grade, depending on the size.

To better manage tyre wear and safety, Nokian has placed a legal wear indicator at 1.6 mm, and a second “snowflake” indicator at 4 mm of remaining tread. This wear indicator shows the maximum tread depth recommended by the brand. Once completely worn out, Nokian recommends buying new winter tyres

There is also an information area on the tyre’s sidewall. It includes several practical indicators such as the correct inflation pressure, the installation location when changing tyres and a special area to record the wheel lug nut torque.

Profile of the new Nokian WR Snowproof tyre

© Nokian Tyres


The Nokian WR Snowproof winter tyre will be available throughout Europe from autumn 2019 in 55 sizes for 14 to 20 inch rim diameters.


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