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rezulteo were at the presentation of the new Nokian Wetproof summer tyre

Tyre manufacturer Nokian aims to change its winter and Nordic oriented positioning. The launch of the Wetproof, presented as a real rain tyre is the proof. rezulteo were at the presentation of this latest addition on the Portimao circuit in Portugal.

rezulteo  has tested the new Nokian Wetproof rain tyre

Nokian Wetproof tested by rezulteo at the Portimao circuit in Portugal. © Nokian

A new era of summer tyres

2018 is an important year for Nokian since it has presented 2 new tyres: the Powerproof and Wetproof to respond to specific market segments and equally specific consumer expectations.

The positioning of the Wetproof is clear, it is designed for motorists driving in changing weather conditions. If Nokian has decided to communicate on its versatility and ability to adapt to changing conditions, it must not be considered as an all season tyre. It is not designed to handle winter conditions.

The Nokian Wetproof summer rain tyre reveals its sidewall

© Nokian


New addition to the summer range

The Nokian Wetproof is a safe and reliable summer tyre specially designed for passenger cars driving on Central European roads. For maximum comfort and safety on wet roads, the tyre’s tread area is divided into two functional zones known as “Dual Zone Safety”. Another "Stability Zone" technology aims to improve stability and overall handling properties.

This tyre also features the brand’s latest technical solutions to achieve optimum safety, mileage performance and fuel efficiency.

Dual zone safety technology for the Nokian Wetproof

© Nokian

We tested it

If the choice of Portugal to test a “rain” tyre may seem surprising, Nokian had set up a system to allow this tyre to be used in changing and varied conditions.

Nokian Wetproof tyre tested on the Portuguese circuit

© Nokian

One of the tracks at the Portimao circuit has an asphalt watering system and therefore allows tyres to be tested on a surface covered with a varying amount of water. Essential to test a tyre which claims to be specially developed to provide high aquaplaning resistance. The proposed test was conducted on a rear-wheel drive vehicle, a BMW 1-Series. Driving around the circuit which alternates wet zones with dry zones allowed us to focus on specific performances such as stability, traction and wet grip. It leaves a positive feeling with a very reassuring sense of safety, as well as very predictable responses. Poaching on the territory of tyres such as the RainSport 3, we look forward to the results of the first comparison tests to see if the Wetproof confirms its potential, which seems real.

Wet zones to test the Nokian Wetproof rain tyre

© rezulteo

TÜV SÜD has granted the Nokian Wetproof its certified label. Tests mandated by Nokian confirm the undeniable competitiveness of the product for certain performances.



The choice of sizes includes 46 tyres for 14-inch to 20-inch rim diameters with speed ratings from T (190 km/h) to W (270 km/h). The Nokian Wetproof will be available in the spring of 2019.


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