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Nokian launches WR SUV 4 to complete winter tyre range

Finnish tyre manufacturer Nokian is releasing a new winter tyre in Europe: the WR SUV 4. Three other tyres will be introduced in Nordic countries, Russia and North America.

Nokian: winter tyre specialist

Nokian has announced the launch of a new winter tyre for next season © Nokian - rezulteo

A new tyre for central European winters

Successor to the WR SUV 3, which has been available since 2013, the Nokian WR SUV 4 is a winter tyre for sports vehicles. This latest addition from the Finnish winter tyre specialist is designed specifically for use in Central European winter weather conditions. According to Nokian, “its excellent handling maximises peace of mind even at higher speeds”. The new tyre will be released in spring, in advance of the 2018 winter season.

Three new tyres for Nordic countries, Russia and North America

In tandem with the release of the WR SUV 4 winter tyre, which will also be available across the Atlantic, Nokian will launch three other products designed to cope with the more demanding winter conditions of Northern Europe, Russia and North America. 

The non-studded Hakkapeliitta R3 and Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV will complete the winter tyre line-ups in these countries. According to Nokian, these tyres will ensure ride comfort, safety and greener driving, thanks to the tyre manufacturer’s expertise and cutting edge technology.

Finally, the Nokian WR G4 will replace the WR G3 all weather tyre in North America. This passenger car tyre’s balanced handling and reliable grip will guarantee a high level of safety in all driving conditions, the Finnish manufacturer claims. 


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