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European tyre label celebrates 5th anniversary

The 1 November 2017 marks the fifth anniversary of the European tyre label. A few changes have been made to the legislation since its introduction, and the ratings system will continue to evolve over the coming years.

In 5 years, the EU tyre label has seen some changes.

In 5 years, the EU tyre label has seen some changes. - Copyright © Fotolia

Tyre labelling: 3 criteria to sum up performance

Rolling resistance, wet grip and road noise: these are the three performance criteria displayed on the European tyre label. Tyre labelling applies to all tyres on sale in the European Union. The three criteria are rated as follows:

  • Wet grip: rated from A to G, based on stopping distance in wet conditions when driving at 80 km/h (50 mph).
  • Rolling resistance: also rated from A to G, based on the force required to turn the wheel.
  • Road noise: rated with 1 to 3 sound waves, based on the external noise emitted by the tyre in decibels

What has changed over the last 5 years?

Since 2012, a few changes have been made to the legislation. From 1 November 2014, passenger tyres with a G-rating for fuel efficiency or a F-rating (or lower) for wet grip can no longer be sold. Raising the minimum acceptable tyre label rating has obliged tyre manufacturers to offer products with a basic level of performance for these two criteria.

What does the future hold for labelling?

In line with previous developments, the European Commission is due to raise the minimum performance rating for rolling resistance. From 1 November 2018, SUV and car summer tyres rated F or below for rolling resistance will be banned from sale. For winter tyres, this ban will only concern tyres with a G-rating for rolling resistance. The new standards will come into effect on 1 May 2020 following a 30-month transition period during which tyres produced before the legislation change can still be sold.


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