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“Don’t fit them and hope” - TyreSafe targets part worn tyres

TyreSafe’s latest video might be light-hearted but it carries a serious message: part worn tyres put you at risk on the road.

Is is worth buying second hand tyres?

Think before buying part worn tyres: evaluate the risks ©

Part worn = part safe  

TyreSafe has released a new video highlighting the dangers of part worn tyres. In the 2-minute film, a salesman encourages motorists to buy cheap part worn tyres carrying a range of defects from cracks to nails stuck in the tread.

Although the video itself is fictional, the tyres shown are based on real-life examples of dangerous part worn tyres uncovered by TyreSafe and Trading Standards. During one recent raid in Scotland, 23 tyres with potentially lethal defects were seized, including one with a six-inch nail in the tread.

Fitting part worn tyres is not illegal in the UK, however these tyres have to meet strict safety standards. Among other things, the tyres must pass an inflation test, have sufficient tread depth and be free of cuts, bulges and lumps.

TyreSafe estimates that as many as 94% of the more than 5 million part worn tyres sold each year in the UK do not comply with these regulations, while 58% have safety-related defects. The charity’s chairman, Stuart Jackson, encouraged motorists to think twice about fitting part worns: “All too often part worn means part safe, so TyreSafe recommends you don’t fit them and hope but buy new tyres as you can be sure of their safety”, he said.

Buying part worn tyres: cheap but risky?


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