Manufacturing process and tyre life

The A to Z of tyres

Questions about tyre life, tyre functions or features? Find out all there is to know about the manufacturing process, the different tread patterns (asymmetric, directional), running in tyres, recycling tyres, and more. We guarantee after reading our guides, you will find it easier to choose your tyres!

Symmetric, asymmetric or directional tyres: which tread pattern should you choose?

Symmetric, asymmetric or directional ?

Which tread pattern to choose: symmetric, asymmetric or directional? Tread patterns influence the performance of a tyre in different driving conditions, so it's important to choose the right one for your driving needs. Here we take you through the main features of each tread pattern to help you choose the most suitable option for your vehicle.

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Breaking in new tyres - all you need to know

Breaking in new tyres

If you've just fitted new tyres and they don't seem to be performing as well as the old ones, it’s probably because they need running in. Find out how long it takes to break in your summer, winter or studded tyres.

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