Your vehicle is equipped with stylish aluminium rims and you want to preserve the outer rim hoop? This is possible by fitting tyres with a rim protector! Discover the different types of protection and the tyre manufacturer’s markings which show that a tyre is equipped with one: MFS, FSL, FR or RPB.

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Rim protection to protect your rims
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Why opt for a tyre with a rim protector?

Tyres with a rim protector have been specifically designed to reduce the damage caused by kerbing or other small impacts sustained by the rims. They have a fringe protector which protects the rim by absorbing many of the impacts instead.

These rim protectors can take many forms. Whether the tyre has a bead of rubber or a recess, it protects the rim against scratches and minor impacts which can occur when driving the vehicle.

tyre with and without rim protector
On top, tyre without rim protector. Below, tyre with rim protector. © rezulteo / Pixabay-Jan Vasek

What type of rim uses these tyres?

Tyres with rim protectors are mainly intended for aluminium rims. The latter are usually fitted with a hub cap whose attachment system is almost always compatible with flange protections.

How to know if a tyre is fitted with a rim protector?

marking on the tyre will tell you if it is equipped with a rim protector. It varies from one tyre manufacturer to another. Here are the main markings you may find:

  • Continental: FR marking meaning “Felgenrippen” or “Flange Rim”
  • Michelin: FP (Fringe Protector or Flanc Protecteur) or CPJ (Cordon de Protection de Jante – Rim Bead Protection) marking
  • Bridgestone: “Rim Guard” or FSL (Felgenschutzleiste) marking
  • Dunlop: MFS (Maximum Flange Shield) or FP (Fringe Protector) marking
  • Goodyear: FP marking, shared with Dunlop or RFP (Rim Fringe Protector) marking
  • Pirelli: FSL (Felgenschutzleiste) marking
  • Yokohama: RPB (Rim Protection Bar), RPS or RFP marking
  • Avon: “Rim Flange Protector” marking
  • BF Goodrich: “Rim Protector” marking
  • Falken: MFS (Maximum Flange Shield) marking
  • Fulda; “Felgenhornschutz” marking
  • Nokian: “Rim Protector” marking
  • Semperit: FR marking like Continental
  • Toyo: RFP (Rim Flange Protector) marking
  • Vredestein: FSL marking
  • Hankook: “Rim Protector” marking

Rimblades, an alternative to protect your rims?

Rimblades are self-adhesive strips of flexible rubber that are placed around the rim to protect it. This system is less efficient that rim protectors built into the tyre, but it can be changed following an impact and it comes in several colours for tuning enthusiasts.

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