How to read tyre markings

On your tyres, you will see numbers, letters and symbols printed on the sidewall. Apart from the brand name and model, learn how to read all the other markings which provide information about your tyre and its specific characteristics, such as its manufacturing date, its approval for a car brand, the technology it uses and its size. These tyre markings will be particularly useful when it’s time to change your tyres.

How to read a tyre: understanding markings

Have you ever wondered what all those numbers and letters stamped on the tyre sidewall mean? Find out how to easily decipher them: tyre sizes, speed rating, load index and other markings will no longer hold any secrets for you!


Approval markings: are your tyres compliant?

Before buying a tyre, you may want check its quality, origin, date of manufacture and approval for use in the UK and abroad. So what are the different certifications and standards for tyres, and how can you be sure that a tyre is certified? The answers to these questions lie in the markings stamped on the tyre’s sidewall. Find out how to read them...

Marking DOT

DOT code: how to find the manufacturing date of a tyre

Tyres age even when they are not used: over time, the rubber hardens and loses its ability to grip. Before buying a tyre...


Understanding manufacturer markings on tyres

Among the many markings on tyre sidewalls, there is one category in particular that deserves your attention: the manufacturer approval marking or homologation. But what is this marking for and do all manufacturers have one? rezulteo explains all!