Tyre wear, warning danger

Tyre wear

In this guide you will find all the information you need to assess tyre wear and know when it’s time to change tyres: identify uneven tyre wear, learn the techniques to find tyre wear indicators and discover the benefits of tyre rotation… Read this complete guide as soon as possible if you have any doubt about your tyre equipment.

How to avoid damaging your 4x4’s transmission?

Did you know that the condition of your tyres has an impact on the mechanical components of your 4x4? Fitting unsuitable tyres, or mismanaging their wear could potentially damage your vehicle’s transmission. Find out how to avoid any technical problems.

Is it okay to fit tyres with different levels of wear?

You've punctured a tyre and you're wondering if you can replace just the one tyre without changing the rest? Or maybe two of your tyres are worn out and you're wondering if you should invest in a complete new set? These are important questions because fitting compatible tyres is essential for your safety on the road. Here’s our advice on replacing tyres.

Checking tread depth

How to check your tyre tread depth?

Wondering if your tyres are still in good condition? Find out how to check the tread depth to make sure you’re within th...

How to detect abnormal tyre wear

Are you wondering if the condition of your tyres is normal? Do certain sections of the tread seem to be more worn than others? If so your tyres may have worn unevenly due to a fitting problem or simply an incorrect tyre pressure. Find out how to identify uneven wear and what you can do about it.

When to change your tyres

Have you been using the same tyres for a while? How can you tell if they’re still in good condition or if you need to change them? How long do tyres normally last? Learn to detect the signs of wear to know when your tyres need changing.

Find out more about how tyres are recycled.

Recycling used tyres: how does it work?

With 55 million waste tyres produced each year in the UK alone, tyre recycling represents an important environmental cha...

Prevent premature wear by rotating tyres once a year

Do you regularly swap your tyres around? Rotating your tyres is the best way to ensure even wear over all four tyres, making them last longer and enabling you to change them all at the same time. However, you do need to follow best industry practice. Learn all about the principles of tyre rotation based on your tyre and vehicle type.