If one of your tyres sustains a puncture, you may prefer to repair rather than change it. However, it’s important to know that not all punctures are repairable. It depends on the type of tyre you have and what kind of puncture it is. Find out in what circumstances a puncture can be repaired and how a tyre professional repairs it.

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Repairing a puncture: what long lasting methods are available?
Repairing a puncture: what long lasting methods are available? © www.istockphoto.com

Is your puncture repairable?

To know whether your puncture can be repaired or not, the tyre must be carefully inspected. Simply checking the outside of the tyre is not enough, as it may have sustained internal damage that can only be detected with removal. Therefore, you should always ask a tyre professional to inspect a punctured tyre and advise on whether it is repairable.

In general, if one of the following applies to your tyre, then there is a good chance it cannot be repaired:

  • The outside of the tyre is badly worn, shows signs of crazing, or has exposed cords.
  • The puncture is on the shoulder or sidewall area and not on the treaded area of the tyre in contact with the road.
  • The tear is more than 6mm long.
  • The puncture was caused by an impact or a sharp object.
  • The part of the tyre that locks onto the rim is damaged.
  • The inside of the tyre is damaged (evidence of mottling or rubbed powder).
  • The tyre has recently been repaired with a puncture repair sealant.
  • The tyre has already been repaired twice.
  • It’s a run-flat tyre.

Punctures: how to make a long-lasting repair?

To make a long-lasting repair on a punctured tyre, you need to visit a garage or tyre specialist. They will first inspect the puncture to see whether a repair is possible.  

Tyre repair techniques include: 

  • Tyre repair patch: the most common method recommended by garages as it provides a quality solution. After inspecting the tyre, the mechanic will use a mushroom shaped patch to seal the puncture from the inside.
  • External plug: another popular solution but not usually recommended by tyre professionals. In this case, the tyre is repaired from the outside.
  • “Hot” repair: this involves special patches adapted to the puncture. Although effective, this method is rarely used  as it is more expensive and requires special equipment.

rezulteo tip:

Tyre specialists should usually follow the British Standard BSAU159 when deciding if it’s possible to repair a tyre.  More information on this standard can be found on the website of the British Tyre Manufacturers Association (BTMA)

What about temporary repair just after a puncture?

Before going to a garage, two temporary repair methods are available for just after a puncture: a tyre sealant and a tyre plug repair kit. Think about getting one for your vehicle.

Find out more about temporary solutions to repair a puncture.

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