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Weather Control A005: Bridgestone launches its first all season touring tyre

Bridgestone has launched the Weather Control A005 all season tyre. A first for the Japanese tyre manufacturer in an increasingly popular market segment.

Bridgestone's all season tyre, the Weather Control A005

The new Bridgestone Weather Control A005 is the brand’s first all season touring tyre. © Bridgestone

Full control in all weather conditions

“An all season tyre that will help drivers master their journey, whatever the season”. Simple and to the point, the presentation of Bridgestone’s new tyre leaves no room for doubt. The Weather Control A005 aims to offer drivers outstanding control, as explained by Laurent Dartoux, Marketing Director at Bridgestone Europe: “We wanted to design an all season tyre that keeps going without compromising safety. This is what we achieved with the Bridgestone Weather Control A005".

A tyre designed with end-user feedback

To design its first range of all season tyres for the European market, Bridgestone conducted extensive research on the needs and expectations of drivers. This involved questioning 15,000 regular drivers on their expectations and day to day driving challenges.  “Drivers want to be confident that their all season tyres are capable of handling different kinds of weather conditions”, explains Laurent Dartoux. “But the research showed that safety in wet conditions was the primary concern for European consumers”.

A tyre developed and manufactured in Europe

The results of this research have pushed Bridgestone to develop a tyre with a high level of performance. Engineers and chemists at the Bridgestone Technical Centre in Rome were in charge of developing the Weather Control A005.

The tread design features V-shaped grooves at the centre, a Z side-shape and high-volume slots on the tyre’s shoulders, as well as an optimised tyre structure and contact pressure distribution. The high silica tread compound features Bridgestone’s “Nano Pro-Tech” technology, already used for the new Turanza T005, which works in the compound at a molecular level to strengthen the bond between the silica and rubber. According to Bridgestone, these different innovations guarantee that the Weather Control A005 will meet drivers’ expectations in terms of grip, wear and fuel efficiency.

The Bridgestone Weather Control A005 tyre in profile

© Bridgestone

Safety and performance throughout the year

To prove the efficiency of its tyre, the Japanese tyre manufacturer asked the independent test organisation TÜV SÜD to test it. In the tests performed, the Bridgestone Weather Control A005 outperformed new all season tyre competitors in wet and snowy conditions. This also shows on the EU tyre label where the tyre achieves an A-rating for wet grip in all sizes. For rolling resistance, it mainly obtains a C-rating with a few sizes achieving a B-rating. The Bridgestone Weather Control A005 is also certified 3PMSF (Peak Mountain Snow Flake), a marking that guarantees its winter capabilities. In terms of longevity, the Weather Control A005 follows the Turanza T005, with 40,000 km guaranteed by Bridgestone.


The new Bridgestone Weather Control A005 all season tyre is already available in 68 sizes for 15” to 20” rims, with additional sizes arriving in 2019. In November, Bridgestone will release four small-van sizes featuring the DriveGuard technology, allowing drivers to continue driving after a puncture.

Watch the video presentation of the Bridgestone Weather Control A005 all season tyre:


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