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Kinergy Eco2: Hankook’s new green tyre for compact vehicles

Hankook presented the Kinergy Eco2, a new economical tyre for compact vehicles, at the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA). This new version of the manufacutrer’s green tyre boasts an even lower rolling resistance than its predecessor.


         The Hankook Kinergy Eco2 is a green tyre for compact vehicles - Copyright © Hankook

Hankook renews the Kinergy range

This year’s Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) is all about small vehicles and electric cars. Hankook is therefore right on trend with its launch of the Kinergy Eco2, a green tyre set to replace the Kinergy Eco K425 on its release next spring. Designed with compact autonomous and/or electric vehicles in mind, the new Hankook tyre will be a good fit for these new means of transport.

An eco tyre that ensures safety and driving comfort

Although the Kinergy Eco2 takes much from its predecessor, Hankook has worked to maximise performance improvements in terms of rolling resistance, grip and road noise.

A new silica compound has been added to materials from the current Kinergy tyre to improve the distribution of polymers and other composites in the tyre tread. According to Hankook, this improves the tyre’s grip and wet performance, while also lowering its rolling resistance.


Copyright © Hankook

The tyre tread keeps its three-channelled groove to clear water and prevent aquaplaning. However, for the new generation tyre, Hankook has opted for an asymmetric design, increasing the size of the tyre’s contact patch.  The tyre’s lateral and radial tread stiffness has also been increased. According to Hankook, these changes will improve the tyre’s performance on dry surfaces. In particular, the manufacturer promises a reduction in dry braking distance of up to 4% thanks to solid tread blocks with chamfered edges that increase the contact surface area when braking.

Another 4% improvement announced by Hankook is in terms of the Kinergy's wear resistance. Last but not least, the Korean manufacturer has also promised a reduction in road noise compared with the current model.


The Hankook Kinergy Eco2 tyre will be available in spring 2018 in 52 sizes for 13-inch to 16-inch rims.


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