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Continental EcoContact 6, the new summer reference from the German tyre manufacturer

Continental has announced the launch of its new EcoContact 6 tyre for passenger cars. Its slogan: savings, of course!

The new Continental EcoContact 6 summer tyre designed with safety and savings in mind

Continental promises a summer tyre built for safety and savings. © Continental

A tyre featuring Continental’s latest technologies

Continental has unveiled the new generation of its EcoContact tyre. The new Continental EcoContact 6 summer tyre is a concentration of technology with significant improvements in terms of longevity, rolling resistance, handling as well as shorter braking distances on dry and wet roads.

Longer lasting and efficient

Compared with its predecessor, the ContiEcoContact 5, the new Continental tyre offers 20% higher mileage and 15% lower rolling resistance. Engineers from the German tyre manufacturer have mainly concentrated on the rubber compound to achieve this result. The silica compound, called “GreenChili 2.0” has been redesigned for an even more balanced distribution of the chemical components in the tyre. This results in a stronger bonding between polymers, which prevents tyre deformation when driving and a lower rolling resistance. Additional additives have been introduced to the compound, allowing the tyre to adapt even better to the road. This offers a better transmission of braking forces and a higher mileage. 

The tread pattern depends on the tyre size. The centre of the pattern will have 3, 4 or 5 longitudinal ribs depending on its width. This “customised” solution allows the Continental EcoContact 6 to deliver good grip and precise handling on wet roads. The ratio between the number of longitudinal and lateral grooves improves the removal of water from under the tyre to reduce the risk of aquaplaning. Sipes with bevelled edges also provide extra grip on wet roads and provide more effective water drainage.

For performances on dry roads, Continental’s engineers have drawn their inspiration from motorsports. The asymmetric tread geometry has rounded corners to provide more precision and grip when driving on this surface.


The Continental EcoContact 6 summer tyre will be available from March 2019 in 112 sizes for 13 to 22 inch rims and for tyre widths from 145 to 315 millimetres. The German tyre has announced that 12 car manufacturers have already approved this tyre for their vehicles in Europe.


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