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Apollo unveils its new Aspire XP Winter tyre

Indian tyre manufacturer Apollo Tyres has unveiled its new Aspire XP Winter tyre, significantly expanding its coverage in this segment.

Apollo Aspire XP Winter, winter tyre

Apollo Tyres launches its new winter tyre, the Aspire XP Winter. © Apollo

Aspire XP Winter: the winter version

Last March, at the Geneva International Motor Show, Apollo Tyres presented its new Aspire XP tyre. The tyre manufacturer has now launched the winter version of its tyre: the Apollo Aspire XP Winter. It has been designed to deliver superb handling on snow covered and wet roads and optimum safety in cold weather conditions.

The tread design features multi-directional sipes and grooves for enhanced ride comfort. Its hard-wearing structure with an inner casing and durable sidewalls ensures a longer tyre life. Wear-resistant polymers in the tread compound increases the tyre’s longevity, according to Apollo Tyres.

As regards its performances on wet surfaces, the Apollo Aspire XP Winter provides excellent evacuation of excess water when cornering and in a straight line. Open grooves in the tread, designed to quickly disperse water from under the tyre offer superb aquaplaning performance.

On snow, the Apollo tyre guarantees the best possible handling. The tread compound has been designed to react in low temperatures whereas various lateral sipes in the shoulder improve traction when accelerating and braking. Multi-directional grooves in the centre of the tread make vehicle manoeuvring much easier.

Sidewall of the Apollo Aspire XP Winter

© Apollo



The Apollo Aspire XP Winter will soon be available in 23 sizes.


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