How to choose your tyres

How to choose tyres?

How to choose the best tyres for your vehicle? To answer this question, you first need to ask yourself several others. What is your driving environment? How many miles do you drive each year and on what type of roads? Which tyre brand will deliver the performance you are looking for and at what price? Summer, winter or all season tyres? This guide provides all the information you need to help answer these questions and choose the right set of tyres for your vehicle!

From all season to nordic: what winter tyres should you choose?

All season, nordic or studded ?

Winter tyres are of course a must if you have to drive in snow or on ice. They’re also a good idea for general winter driving, especially in the wet and cold conditions experienced by most parts of the UK in the winter months. In this guide we tell you all you need to know about the different types of winter tyres from all season to studs and nordic tyres...

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2 or 4 winter tyres?

2 or 4 winter tyres ?

It’s a common question when preparing for winter driving: do I really need to fit 4 winter tyres, or can I make do with just 2? In this guide we explain why it’s important to invest in a full set of winter tyres to keep you safe on winter roads.

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Symmetric, asymmetric or directional tyres: which tread pattern should you choose?

Symmetric, asymmetric or directional ?

Which tread pattern to choose: symmetric, asymmetric or directional? Tread patterns influence the performance of a tyre in different driving conditions, so it's important to choose the right one for your driving needs. Here we take you through the main features of each tread pattern to help you choose the most suitable option for your vehicle.

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Which tyres for my 4x4?

4x4 tyre for all terrain vehicle

What are the best tyres for your 4x4? Well, that depends on your vehicle and how you use it! In this guide we explain the different categories of 4x4 tyre as well as how to maintain them to get the best out of your AWD vehicle.

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What are the different types of tyres?

Different tyre types

Do you struggle to find your way through the vast range of tyres sold by online retailers? Well, if you do you’re not alone! There are several different categories of tyres, designed to match different vehicles and driving conditions. In this guide we take you through some of the main types...

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Find your tyre size with your vehicle log book (V5C)

How to read your registration certificate to buy the right tyres

So you need to buy new tyres but you’re not sure which sizes will fit your vehicle? rezulteo can help! Just enter a few details about your car or van into our vehicle directory and we’ll give you compatible tyre sizes. If you’re not sure about your vehicle's specification, then you can check your V5 registration certificate (log book) which contains all the information on your car (registration year, fuel type, engine etc.) Read on to find out how to use your log book to find your tyre size...

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Tyre noise and driving comfort

Rolling noise and tyre comfort

Most often, when people think about tyre performance, they think about criteria such as safety, price, or fuel consumption. But, did you know that your choice of tyres can also make a significant difference to ride comfort? Read on for all the facts on how your tyres can help give you a comfortable drive...

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Which tyres are best for me? How to choose a tyre brand

Choose the brand adapted to your needs

Whether you’re buying tyres for the first time or you just want to test out a new model, the multitude of brands available can mean you end up spoilt for choice! As with other tyre-related choices, a lot depends on your personal preferences and driving style, but to help make things a bit clearer, here’s everything you need to know about brand families...

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4 key questions to help you choose the right tyres

Golden rule to choose the right tyre

What’s the best tyre for my car? How do I choose the right tyres? These are common questions when buying new tyres, and with good reason. Your tyres are the only contact point between your car and the road, so it's important to make the best choice for your vehicle and driving conditions. If that sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry! Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect tyres for your vehicle…

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The risk-free approach to buying replacement tyres

The risk-free approach to buying non-OE tyres

If you’re about to change the tyres on your car for the first time, you may be wondering whether to fit new tyres identical to your current set (original equipment tyres) or go for a new model. In this guide, we tell you all you need to know about replacing tyres...

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