Audi A5 Coupe 2.0 TDI : front tyres different to the rears

Question from visitor, 02/08/2013 :HI, I have just taken over a company car, Audi A5 Coupe 2.0 TDI. The front tyres are a different profile to the rears. Is this OK, or should i take it into my local garage and have the front tyres replaced.Front Tyres are: 225/55 R17 97Y
Rear Tyres are: 225/50 R18 94YThanks
Answer by rezulteo, 02/08/2013 :

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It happens that sometimes a car is fitted with staggered wheels. But it does not seem to be the case for your Audi A5 Coupe 2.0 TDI. Are you sure about the model and engine ?

You can verify all tyre sizes for Audi A5 by following this link here:

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