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Question from visitor, 07/02/2012 :Hi, we have a motorhome with tag axle. We currently have the following tyres fitted :
Michelin XC Camping - Radial 215/75R 16C 113/1110 AT 80 PSI . Firstly is this tyre considered to be an all year/ winter/snow suitable tyre? We will be travelling to Austria in February 2012 and did not know if we should fit winter tyres. Secondly, we have made enquiries at a local dealers and they say that there is no winter tyre of this size and we would have to purchace the next size up. can you assist.
Answer by rezulteo, 07/02/2012 :


Thank you for your question.

Firstly, Austrian law indicates that from the 15th November to around Easter time winter tyres, M+S, or chains are are legal requirement. You might find the follow points also of interest for traveling to Austria :

The legal limit for tyre tread is 4mm.

Studded tyres are illegal for vehicles that weigh over 3.5 T.

Agilis Camping do have a M+S mark but they aren't actually winter tyres

With regards to your Motor Home tyres, they do exist in your vehicles' size (215/75 R 16C 113/110) plus remember that the law allows you to use tyres with an equal or greater speed index to the original tyres for your vehicle - the minimum speed index is Q - 160km/h.

Be careful of using snow chains as you may risk a fine if you use them on a ploughed road.

We hope this information is of use!

The rezulteo team