Audi S4 Avent B6 version : drop to 17 inch tyre

Question from Chrisalis888, 08/11/2013 :Hi, I have an Audi S4 Avent, the B6 version 2003, 4.2 V8.Whilst I love the grip, I have this sneaking suspicion that the low profile 235 40 R18 tires on it give a lumpy ride which could be notably improved by dropping to a 17 inch wheel and using 225 45 R17's.I'm not a track day user, and note that for winter tyres, the 17 inch wheel is recommended. Is there any reason why I should not switch to a 17 inch wheel with the higher profile tyres for a more comfortable ride all year - without any noticeable loss of grip or safety implications?If so, do you have any recommendations, and is the car still going to look as good as it does?Many thanks, Chris
Answer by rezulteo, 08/11/2013 :

Hello Chris :)

Usually the difference between a low or a high profile isn't the comfort. It will be more related to the tyres you are currently using (which brand, which product...)

Here are our recommendations:

- Choose 225 45 R17 tyres if you buy winter tyres. Note that this size can only be used for winter tyres.

- If you have no interest in buying winter tyres, you will have to keep fitting 235 40 R18 tyres.

In both cases, we recommend you to use our comparison tool after you've selected the right size here:

Happy driving,

THe rezulteo team