2007 BMW Z4 (E85) coupe 2.0l; runflat and tyre pressure

Question from visitor, 19/04/2013 :I've a 2007 BMW Z4 (E85) coupe 2.0l, and am due to replace the rears, am thinking of switching to non run flats but note lots of conversations about negative impact from using higher load rating tyres (either Continental SC5's or Goodyear E F1 A2's are both 94XL), so will there be any issues running:1) Non run flats on rear until the fronts wear out and can have all the same?
2) How do I adjust from the standard PSI pressure to accommodate the higher load rating?Many Thanks
Answer by rezulteo, 19/04/2013 :

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You can fit non-runflat instead of runflat. However, it would be wise to check with your car dealer that fitting a normal tyre won't interfere with the suspension, electronic control systems (ABS, etc.)

- Don't forget to get a spare wheel.

However, we do not recommend having runflat on one axle and non-runlfat on the other, because of the difference in structure and the fact that it can lead to disturbance in road behavior.

You can fit tyres with a higher charge. Concerning the pressure, you need to look up the recommended pressure provided by the constructer.

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