What side is your car’s fuel tank on? On the left or right side? When you arrive at the petrol station there is always a moment when you have to think where the fuel filler cap is before positioning your vehicle. Yet, there is a very simple way to know which side the fuel filler cap is on without having to leave your seat.

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Where is the fuel filler cap to put petrol in your car?
Discover a simple and practical tip to know where the fuel filler cap is on your vehicle © iStock

How to know what side the fuel filler cap is on your car?

The solution can be found on your car’s instrument panel: the petrol pump icon near the fuel gauge. Either, the symbol is by itself, in which case it is the side where the pump nozzle is that indicates if the fuel flap is on the right or the left.

The arrow beside the petrol pump indicates which side the flap is
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Or, the symbol has an arrow pointing to the side the car’s fuel tank is on.

The petrol pump icon indicates where the fuel filler cap is
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A piece of information which may be very useful. Driver’s frequently use their spouse’s car, hire a car, drive a courtesy car or simply forget where the car’s fuel filler cap is. This detail, practical when you have to pay attention to several driving parameters, will help avoid any problems. Indeed, when you arrive at the petrol station and find that the petrol pump hose is not on the same side as the car’s fuel flap can be very annoying. Not all petrol stations have a hose which is long enough to fill the tank on the opposite side. An embarrassing situation where you can imagine what happens next.

How to know what type of fuel your car uses?

Your car’s engine will only run with one type of fuel. If you drive a vehicle which is not yours, this information can be found inside the fuel flap or on the car’s registration documents.

Where to find tyre pressure information?

On some vehicles, tyre pressure information can be found inside the fuel flap. The number of bars to correctly inflate tyres depending on the season and load may be given there.

You didn’t know that? You can now share these tips with your family and friends. Many of them will be surprised not to have known this when the answer was right in front of them.

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