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Tyre characteristics


Top premium brands

Brands with a worldwide reputation, offering consumers a high level of performance across their entire range of tyres.

Top midrange brands

Brands of a Premium group or brands with a growing reputation, which offer a good level of performance, sometimes up to the level of Premium brands

Specialist brands

Some brands have developed specific know-how for a particular category of vehicle or use:

These brands have specialised in the sports car and even supercar niche market. They offer high performing products when it comes to braking and road handling.

AWD specialists

These brands target the mixed-use and off-road AWD market. Their products have very distinctive profiles and are generally reinforced.

Winter tyre specialists

These brands have made a name for themselves in countries with very harsh winters. Their products offer high performance on snow and ice.

Top budget brands

Brands that offer consumers products with inferior performance but against a much lower price compared to other brands