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The all-season, or all-weather tyre provides a compromise between summer and winter tyres, performing better than a summer tyre in winter and better than a winter tyre in summer. In areas with mild winters, all season tyres are a convenient option if you''re looking for versatility and don''t want the hassle of changing tyres.

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Intermediate tyre brands

Brands belonging to a major company or with a growing reputation, they offer levels of performance sometimes comparable with premium brands

You can also choose your tyres by season

The following brands are recognised for their know-how in specific areas:

  • Sports tyre specialists These brands have invested in the sports or supercar segment. They offer products with improved braking and handling.Yokohama, Hankook, Kumho, Falken, Toyo
  • 4x4 Specialists These brands target the all terrain vehicle market for mixed or majority off-road use. Their products have eye-catching profiles and are generally reinforced.BFGoodrich, Cooper
  • Winter Tyre Specialists These brands have built a reputation in countries with harsh winters. Their products offer increased performance on snow, ice and black ice.Vredestein, Nokian

Other tyre brands

Brands offering lower performance tyres at attractive prices

You can also choose your tyres by season