Tyre maintenance to be prepared for winter and snow

Winter tyres: pressure and maintenance

During the winter season, your tyres and your vehicle require a minimum amount of maintenance. Learn how to keep your car in good condition and maintain your winter tyres at the correct pressure for optimum performance when driving on mud, snow and wet surfaces. Also, for the cold season, find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of tyre (summer, winter, all season, 4x4 tyres) and solutions such as renting winter tyres.

Does my 4x4 need winter tyres?

SUV winter tyres

Are you wondering if it is really worth fitting your 4x4 with winter tyres? While it’s true that SUVs offer comfort in different driving conditions, what about driving in snow and on slippery roads in winter?

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How do all-season tyres perform in the winter?

All-season tyres in winter

If you don't want to change your tyres twice a year, you might be tempted to opt for all-season tyres that can be used all year round. But is this the right choice in terms of safety? How do all-season tyres perform in the winter? Discover the differences in performance between winter tyres and all-season tyres.

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