Motorhome and campervan: how to find the right tyres?

Campervans and motorhomes offer a sense of freedom that makes us dream. Hitting the road with a fully equipped vehicle is a great way to holiday. But, if you don’t want the dream to end too soon, your campervan must be equipped with the right tyres. Between standard passenger tyres and van tyres, what should you choose? Performance, markings, tyre sizes, etc. We’ll tell you everything you need to know.
Which tyre should you choose for a campervan and motorhome for high performance on long journeys?

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How to recognise tyres for motorhomes?

Motorhomes, campervans, vans or light commercial vehicles, these are heavy vehicles to equip with tyres. There are several things you need to know before buying tyres. Above all, your tyres must be adapted to the category of your vehicle. You must comply with the regulations on tyres for your motorhome or van.

Here are our recommendations to choose the right equipment:

  • Your choice must focus on tyres with an approved size for your vehicle. Load indexes are higher for motorhome and campervan tyres. Refer to the tyre sizes given by the manufacturer.
  • You can also rely on the “C” marking which indicates a reinforced tyre structure to carry heavy loads.
  • The “CP” marking is a specific marking for motorhomes which is a good reference to help you choose suitable tyres. They provide better performance and increased durability for long journeys. Also, the tyre valve is made from metal and not from rubber allowing it to withstand high pressures.
  • You can also refer to the tyre names given by the brands, identified by “Camper” or “Camping”.

Can car tyres be fitted on a campervan?

For fabulous road trips in a campervan, the vehicle must be fitted with tyres intended for its use. Certain passenger car tyres may be suitable for a private individual who does not drive many miles. Find out about the tyre’s qualities: you must be particularly careful about braking performance, especially in wet conditions.

It is essential to search for the best performance. But above all, the vehicle must be fitted with the right size of tyres: those approved by the manufacturer. Comply with the load index which is suitable for campervans.

Your vehicle can be fitted with tyres which do not have the “C” marking. The latter indicates that the tyres are reinforced to carry heavy loads. However, tyre longevity may be significantly less. Also, the tyre’s performances will not be optimal for the use you make of your vehicle.

What performances should you choose?

Peace of mind when setting out on a long journey is only possible with the right tyres! For your motorhome or campervan, you must search for the maximum of the following performances:

  • safety 
  • longevity
  • durability 
  • wet and dry grip
  • ride comfort

Do you know the different types of tyres?

What tyre brands for my motorhome?

Special motorhome tyres with the “CP” marking are available from leading tyre brands. Here are a few models which have proved their worth: 

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What tyre brands for my campervan?

For vans or campervans, you may consider tyres that also equip light commercial vehicles. The following tyre brands deliver good performance:

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