Each type of tyre is designed for a specific use

Tyre types…which to choose?

What’s the best tyre for your car or van? A lot depends on how you use your vehicle and in what driving conditions. In this guide we cut through some of the jargon to explain the differences between symmetric, asymmetric and directional tyres, as well as the advantages of green tyres and the different 4x4 tyres available for all-terrain vehicles.

How to read a tyre: understanding markings

Have you ever wondered what all those numbers and letters stamped on the tyre sidewall mean? Find out how to easily decipher them: tyre sizes, speed rating, load index and other markings will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Winter tyres and summer tyres: all you need to know

What is the difference between winter tyres and summer tyres?

Which tyres are best adapted to your vehicle, your use, and the weather conditions you drive in? Should you change your tyres every season or can you use winter tyres in the summer and vice versa? Discover the differences, advantages and disadvantages of summer tyres and winter tyres.

Green tyres: less consumption, less pollution

Green tyres: less consumption, less pollution

Whether you’re an eco-warrior out to save the planet, or an eco-driver eager to save on your petrol bill, green tyres co...

Different tyre types

What are the different types of tyres?

Do you struggle to find your way through the vast range of tyres sold by online retailers? Well, if you do you’re not alone! There are several different categories of tyres, designed to match different vehicles and driving conditions. In this guide we take you through some of the main types...

4x4 tyre for all terrain vehicle

Which tyres for my 4x4?

What are the best tyres for your 4x4? Well, that depends on your vehicle and how you use it! In this guide we explain the different categories of 4x4 tyre as well as how to maintain them to get the best out of your AWD vehicle.

Symmetric, asymmetric or directional ?

Symmetric, asymmetric or directional tyres: which tread pattern should you choose?

Which tread pattern to choose: symmetric, asymmetric or directional? Tread patterns influence the performance of a tyre ...

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