Purchase price and longevity: 2 key elements to evaluate the  real cost of a tyre

Price of tyres

You want to buy your equipment at the cheapest price and get the best tyre deals? Savings are not only made at the time of purchase! They are also made through the tyre's performance which depends on its quality and longevity. As such, in the medium term, a cheap tyre may be less cost effective than one from premium tyre brands. In this price guide, learn how to estimate the real cost of a tyre over and above its purchase price, but also when is the best time to buy winter tyres and the precautions to be taken if you decide to buy cheap or second hand tyres.

tyre really cost

How much does a tyre really cost?

So, the time has come to change your tyres and you're faced with huge variations in price? Of course you want to buy a reliable product in terms of safety and performance, but you're also wondering if premium tyres are really worth the extra cash? Remember that the purchase price is not the only thing to consider when looking for the best value for money tyres. Make the smart choice, by calculating the total cost of your tyres throughout their lifespan.

Is is worth buying second hand tyres?

Buying part worn tyres: cheap but risky?

So you have a low budget to spend on tyres and you’re considering buying cheaper part worn (used) tyres rather than new ones? To get the best deal possible, it’s important to check that the tyres you’re buying are in good condition. Read on to find out how to assess the condition of second hand tyres and detect any faults.

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